Global Handwashing Day 15.10.2015 – inefficient drying does not remove all the bacteria from the hands

Global Handwashing Day reminds us of the importance of handwashing. Research has shown that only five per cent of people wash their hands sufficiently after using a toilet to remove all the bacteria causing diseases*. Correct handwashing requires correct routines. Careful drying with a textile or paper tissue is an essential part of good hand hygiene**. The best soap is gentle to the skin, but bar soap is not the best option for hygiene.

“Usually the influenza epidemics spreading during the last part of the year make many people fall ill. Clean hands are the most efficient way to prevent diseases from spreading. Hands should be washed several times a day,” says the expert of hand hygiene at Lindström, Marja Hautanen.

An international study has shown that 33 per cent of people do not use soap because it dries their skin, and only five per cent wash their hands sufficiently after using a toilet to remove the bacteria causing diseases.**

“It is surprising how few people wash their hands properly to fulfil the requirements for good hand hygiene. Dry hands spread and receive microbes to a significantly lesser extent than wet hands. Therefore, hands should be properly dried in order to prevent the microbes from spreading. Soap wash and proper drying guarantee clean hands.”

Washing your hands properly:

  • Remove your jewellery and watch before you wash your hands
  • Use soap when washing
  • Dry your hands with a tissue or paper.

*Borchgrevink et al. 2013, Journal of Environmental Health
**Hjelt institute 2013

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