The needs and requirements of the customer dictated the design of the collection


Meira Ltd is part of the Italian Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, one of the largest European coffee companies. In Finland, Meira Ltd operates a coffee roastery established in 1914 and a seasoning plant established a year later. Meira’s coffee roastery roasts approximately one-fifth of all coffee consumed in Finland and, with regard to seasoning, is the market leader in Finland. Meira has been Lindström’s customer for over 30 years.

“Easy co-operation”
Sanna Oikkonen
Key Account Manager, Lindström Oy

Meira’s need

Meira wanted to renew its brand look for its 100th anniversary. Meira wanted the workwear to better reflect the competence of the company that manufactures Finland’s most popular seasonings and coffee. The workwear should be comfortable to wear, without compromising the hygiene requirements emphasised in the food processing industry.


Meira’s workwear was previously dark blue but in the renovation process the colour was changed to white, which is natural for the food processing industry, and khaki, which is well-suited to the new brand image. The high hygiene requirements of the food processing industry were taken into account already at the design phase of the clothing. For Meira’s workwear, hidden buttons were designed and the pockets were placed below the waist line. These solutions aim to prevent any foreign matter from entering the production process.

The collection is also adaptable to production temperatures and a few special products of different colours make sure that persons carrying out different work duties are easy to recognise. The workwear of every Meira employee also carries the name of the holder so that colleagues become familiar with each other.

“Our deep knowledge of the field and the customer is very significant to the co-operation. In the clothing renovation process, it was easy to suggest things that the customer did not always even think to ask for,” says Sanna Oikkonen who has been in charge of Meira’s customer account for 10 years at Lindström.