Construction Clothing For All Professional Workers

Construction clothing is a necessity in the construction industry as it can be a potentially dangerous one. There are so many hidden risks and hazards that it is essential to make sure your staff is equipped with the best quality construction clothes so they can work effectively in all conditions, day and night.

At Lindström, we stock an extensive range of site workwear in order to keep your construction staff safe and visible during demanding working conditions. Whether you are working on the creation of a new housing estate or you require workwear protective clothing, our rental workwear service will ensure your team always has enough clean and protective clothing that’s suitable to use in all weather.

Our selection of industrial workwear has been carefully created to keep your workers safe from head to toe. Our WorkPro collection includes essential waterproof work jackets, work fleeces, comfortable builders trousers, smart work polo shirts and appropriate overalls for men and women, not forgetting bib and brace overalls.

As leading workwear suppliers, we also stock a Worker Pro Winter collection, which includes a range of winter work wear, and our HiVisPro clothing to ensure your staff is always safe and secure. Whether you require a reflective jacket, hi-vis trousers or a high visibility vest, our rental workwear service will help you find the most protective and visibly clean products around.

Our workwear service guarantees your workwear always meets the latest industry standards and regulations. Our workwear rental service will also ensure your employees always have a suitable amount of clean and safe site workwear to wear.

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Always clean workwear
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Benefits of our rental construction clothing service

Our construction clothing can be used by a variety of companies. Whether you are a global business or a local firm, Lindström will have an effective workwear solution for you.

Our rental workwear service provides a full selection of essential site workwear and is the most efficient process for workwear management. With Lindström, you will receive the full package. This includes the items of clothing you are using, the clothes being routinely washed, delivered and stored in lockers. We will even replace lost and damaged clothes.

Working in the construction industry comes with a string of challenges. Facing the elements all day, every day brings its own issues. When the weather turns for the worst you could have staff walking around in torrential rain or when the sun is shining your work clothes get ruined by sweat. You can eliminate these problems by ensuring your staff has enough clean and protective workwear.

Our workwear rental service covers all types of construction work clothes. Make sure your staff looks professional when they enter the site with a clean set of heavy duty work trousers, waterproof work jackets and work fleece. Dressing your employees in immaculate and well-maintained site workwear will not only keep your staff motivated, but it will also paint your company in a great light to your customers.

As a leading workwear supplier, Lindström takes great pride in supplying construction companies with clothing that meets the latest regulations. The construction industry is constantly changing and implementing new safety standards, but our workwear experts are always up to speed with the latest additions to protect your staff. For the best and most efficient builders workwear, take advantage of our workwear rental service.

Rental workwear service is a sustainable choice for your company. Compared to buying workwear yourself and washing them at home, our workwear service is a much more ecological choice. Test our sustainability calculator and see how much resources you could be saving right now with our service!

Every item of workwear we provide is carefully maintained to extend its life cycle and repaired according to your company standards to avoid textile waste. When our chef whites and restaurant uniforms are retired from their original purpose, we give them a new life as new products or dispose of them responsibly.

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Our construction clothing is suitable for many different purposes

High visiblity workwear for construction

Hi-Visibility Builders Workwear

  • Excellent visibility in daylight, poor light and the dark
  • Durable and good looking material with EN ISO 20471 certified colors and excellent color fastness.
  • This material is an ideal and durable solution when high visibility and good protection against dirt is required (dirt reduces visibility).

Cold Weather Construction Clothing

  • Suitable for working in temperatures below -5°C
  • Ideal for construction workers in winter months 
  • Complies with regulations EN ISO 20471:2013 – High-visibility clothing 
  • EN 342:2004 – ensembles and garments for protection against cold

Tyovaatteet sahkoasentajille

PowerPro for the electrical professionals

  • Durable, flame retardant material 
  • Complies with regulations ENISO 11612:20028 A1 B1 C1 – protective clothing from heat and flame 
  • Complies with EN 61482-1-2:2007, class 1(4kA) – protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc