• Lifetime equivalent to 7500 plastic bin bags to landfill
  • Recycled at the end of their life
  • Air tight and lockable to control toxic and flammable fumes
  • Reduces slips, trips and falls around the workplace
  • Loose filled with zero % packaging
  • Manufactured from reinforced HDPE
  • UN3008 rated for the transportation of contaminated goods

Lindström Eco Containers have been specially designed to provide our customers with a storage option that is easy to use, manoeuvre and store within the workplace. Our Eco Containers are a great solution for the supply and collection of our laundered wipes and absorbent mats.

The Eco Containers are fire retardant and are manufactured from reinforced HDPE. Each container is air tight and lockable which helps to control toxic and flammable fumes.

Each container lifetime is equivalent to 7500 plastic bin bags to landfill which drastically reduces costs and waste channels. At the end of their life, each Eco Container is converted back into plastic, ensuring our product is reusable and recyclable. We also ensure that our containers are loose filled with no packaging which results in zero % waste to landfill, as the products delivered and collected within our Eco Containers are laundered.

Using the Eco Container within your workplace will also reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls that are triggered by leaks and spills caused by plastic bags. The containers are easy to manoeuvre due to the addition of reinforced plastic wheels and can be easily stacked which will assist in keeping your workplace tidy. The ability to move the containers easily will also reduce the risks associated with manual handling.