We have a wide range of wipers specifically designed for the needs of different industries. Our wipes for manufacturing, automotive and transport, as well as for the printing industry are all made out of 100% recycled cotton. We understand the needs of different industries and have designed our wiper collection to meet our customers’ needs.

Our industrial wipers

Our industrial wipes are manufactured from 100% recycled cotton providing a highly penetrable product for absorption of liquids. They have also been designed to be laundered after use which in turn ensures an eco-friendly wipe solution.

Our industrial wipes are sourced from Europe, drastically reduces the carbon footprint and providing a wipe that delivers infinitely more absorbency than traditional alternatives. This guarantees both a quality product and enormous cost savings on a weekly basis.

The recycled element of the service and ability to be laundered reduces the need for incineration and eliminates disposal costs.

The industrial wipes are specifically designed for the absorption of oils, grease and hazardous solvents.

The laundered industrial wipes are supplied clean and collected soiled in a suitable storage solution, such as our UN30088 rated Eco Containers and Eco Boxes, offering you an easy to store and easy to manoeuvre solution that is perfect for your working environment.

Our industrial wipes feature colour coded embroidery and are produced exclusively for specific industry sectors. The coloured embroidery helps to ensure that our wipes are easily identified on site and prevent the risk of cross contamination between industries. You can be confident of a clean and contamination-free product at all times.

Our laundered industrial wipes are subjected to two rounds of metal detection to reduce the chances of cross contamination.

Our eco-containers and eco box system

Lindström Eco Containers have been specially designed to provide our customers with a storage option that is easy to use, manoeuvre and store within the workplace. Our Eco Containers are a great solution for the supply and collection of our laundered wipes and absorbent mats.

Our Eco Box System is a more compact storage solution for our customers, that is easy to use, easy to manoeuvre and store within the workplace. It provides an ideal solution for the storage and dispensing of our laundered wipers.