Retail T-shirts

T-shirts are an integral part of all uniforms in the retails sector. At Lindstrom, we have created the finest range of T-shirts that allow your staff to work in style and sheer comfort. Our T-shirts are made from the finest materials and can cope with the physical demands that a retail position can bring. Available in a range of colours and sizes to fit all shapes, our retail T-shirts will always paint a great picture of your workforce.

  • Available in a range of colours
  • Made from the finest materials
  • Designed to cope with the demands of a physical position
  • Choose from an array of sizes

T-shirts designed for comfort and style

We have explored every avenue in order to create the best looking and most stylish T-shirts for your retail team. Designed for total comfort, our T-shirts will be the perfect addition to your business. Your workers will benefit from T-shirts made from the finest material and will fit your body perfectly, regardless of your size.

Various coloured T-shirts available

Lindstrom can provide you with a selection of T-shirts in a variety of colours. Choose the right colour to match your brand guidelines and let your staff shine in our sparkling T-shirts.

Take advantage of our workwear rental service and find the perfect retail T-shirts for your business. Whether you need shop T-shirts, store trousers and retail fleeces, our devoted team will deliver the right products for you.