Stand out with hi vis bib and braces

Equip your construction team with the most effective and stylish set of bib and braces. Made from the finest material and created for maximum comfort and safety, our bib and braces will let you carry out your work in peace. Available in fluorescent yellow and orange, our bib and braces will make sure your colleagues stay safe.

Hi vis bib and brace clothing is an essential way to make your construction team stand out on site. We know how crucial hi-vis workwear is, and our team has created the most effective and stylish bib and brace overalls. Equip your team with site clothing that is made from the best materials.

Our hi-vis workwear uses designs that provide maximum comfort and safety. The innovative designs are highly effective in making your employees visible without restricting movement. Available in fluorescent yellow and orange, our bib and braces will ensure your site personnel stays safe.


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Provide your team with the very best bib and braces with our range of quality hi-vis workwear. We create site clothing using the very best materials so that your team is safe and comfortable. The bib and braces provide maximum safety without restricting mobility so you can get on with the job. Our range of site workwear includes hi-vis/ waterproof bib and braces, bib and brace waterproof trousers and bib overalls.

A construction site carries many risks, and the right safety workwear is essential to protect workers. Eliminate many dangers by making sure site workers are highly visible to everyone around them. Our bib and braces meet the latest health and safety standards and keep your staff safe.

We pride ourselves on providing the best workwear that is the most effective on-site. The adjustable bib and braces allow workers to make sure clothing fits appropriately, so they can move freely. All of our hi-vis workwear and bib and braces can be provided as part of our uniform rental service. Clean, hygienic, and safe construction workwear is available to the whole team every day.

Features of our bib and braces include:

  • Adjustable brace length
  • Zipper under placket at front
  • Adjustable waist at back
  • Reinforced knife pocket on bib
  • Available in a choice of colours
  • Branding or corporate logo can be added

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