Hi visibility vests for professionals

Safety workwear is an essential element of many working environments. If you have employees working on outdoor projects, worksites, or in warehouses, a hi vis vest will provide vital safety and visibility in the workplace. If you are looking for the best reflective vest and hi-vis clothing for your workforce, we have what you need. Our range of uniforms and protective clothing includes hi visibility vest options and other hi-vis workwear.

You can choose from our range of yellow safety vest designs, construction workwear, and builders bibs and braces. If you need hi-vis vests and jackets for a construction site, warehouse, or outdoor workplace, we have many designs available.

We work with industry experts to create a range of hi-vis safety vests that meets the latest health and safety standards. Our vests are suitable for both men and women and have been designed to be tough and comfortable to wear. Our high-quality hi-visibility vests include:

• Reflective strips for maximum visibility
• Detachable ID card pocket
• Multiple zipped pockets for safe storage of essential items
• Adjustable velcro hem for added comfort

If you require branded hi-vis vests, our designs can easily be personalised to your brand. Our range of hi-vis clothing is available as part of our rental and laundry service. We can provide hi-vis clothing for your whole team and collect it for cleaning as required.

For more information or to place an order for hi-vis vests, contact us today.