Hi-vis workwear for demanding working conditions

Lindstrom’s hi-vis protective clothing is the best option for those looking to provide their staff with maximum protection at work. Made from the finest materials and designed to withstand demanding workloads, our range of high visibility workwear is suitable for a wealth of industries, including construction, warehouses, the railways and many other essential outdoor professions.

When you choose our hi-vis workwear, you will be guaranteed to stand out from the crowd thanks to our extensive range of quality hi-vis clothing. High visibility clothing plays a vital role in the workplace. Our selection of comfortable hi-vis uniforms ensures the risk of avoidable accidents and deaths at work is significantly reduced and that your workforce will look the business while working.

Hi-vis clothing is essential for those working outdoors, especially those working outdoors at night, in bad weather and in areas of poor visibility.

At Lindstrom, we are proud to provide employers with a vast selection of hi-vis jackets, hi-vis trousers, overalls and hi-vis vests. Our high visibility clothing has been designed specifically with the safety of your workers in mind following in-depth discussions with leading business figures. Taking their expert tips and advice on board, we have created a range of hi-vis products that meet industry standards. Created with your health and safety at heart, we have also made sure they are comfortable to wear and practical to use in the workplace.

Our hi-vis jackets have been skilfully made to provide maximum warmth and comfort for those working outdoors or in chilled warehouses and our bright and breezy hi-vis vests and overalls are perfect for those working outdoors in the summer. Our products also come complete with various types of pockets that allow workers to store necessary items safely and securely.

We provide quality hi-vis clothing that is suitable for both males and females and can be mixed and matched where appropriate.