Medical Uniforms For The Healthcare Industry

The hygiene of the working environment and medical clothing is especially important within the care and healthcare industry. Lindstrom offers an extensive selection of healthcare uniforms to ensure the safety, recognisability and individual look of the care personnel. With the help of our professional workwear service, you can ensure the cleanliness and comfort of your working environment as well as promoting occupational well-being. As a company, we take great care of hygiene and safety requirements in all phases.

Our range of medical clothing covers every conceivable item you may require, including robust lab coats, effective medical scrubs, quality nurses trousers, and dental tunics. We also take pride in providing specialist healthcare products, including clean room clothes and doctors’ white coats.

Linstrom has worked tirelessly with a variety of health professionals in order to create our CarePro workwear collection. The results have been remarkable, with doctors, dentists and medical staff benefitting from light and breathable medical uniforms that are as comfortable to wear as your everyday clothes.

With a range of surgical scrubs and work uniform tunics to choose from, our workwear service ensures you are smartly dressed for whatever challenges may come your way.

close up of push buttons used on the healthcare uniforms

We take into account hygiene already at the design phase of workwear and our other textile products. Through our workwear model and material selections, we make sure that the workwear will maintain functionality during long work days as well as withstand regular maintenance.


Our service centres follow the EU standard EN-SFS-14065 that ensures the required hygiene level in hospital textiles throughout the maintenance process. All our personnel follow strict instructions with regard to clothing, hygiene and the prevention of infections.


In order to ensure efficient disinfection, our systems monitor the wash temperature, PH values and dosing of laundry chemicals. Regularly performed bacterial tests are also part of ensuring microbiological quality. We carry out hygiene tests on clothing to be sent out to our customers as random checks.

Benefits of our rental healthcare uniforms service

Our medical uniforms are cleaned to the highest standard. We also ensure, due to the sensitive nature of medical work, that they are also prepared to the highest hygienic standards too. Washed in their own specific machines, our hygienic cleaning service eradicates bacteria and invisible dirt, allowing you to carry out your healthcare duties safely and efficiently.

We also make sure that our freshly cleaned and hygienic medical clothing will not be contaminated while in transport by using separate packaging for surgical scrubs, carers tunics, and other healthcare uniforms.

Your employees will look smart and respectable when you use our workwear rental service. Our expert team makes sure every item of medical clothing will fit your employees perfectly, which will help reduce the number of avoidable accidents. For example, clothes that fit your staff comfortably are less likely to cause you to trip over or get caught on vital machinery.

Our service also includes a repair and replace policy, which sees all damaged nurses trousers and medical scrubs removed, repaired and replaced to keep your staff looking professional and prevents unwanted accidents.

Medical professionals have enough to think about. Don’t let clean workwear be one of them. Improve job satisfaction and improve morale among your team by ensuring your staff always have access to clean and hygienic clothing.

Wearing clean and professional healthcare uniforms works on several fronts. Not only does it make your staff look respectable, it also makes them feel like they belong to a team. That camaraderie can improve staff morale and give them a sense of pride in their careers. Patients will also admire the fact that staff are looking smart, which in turn will improve the public’s perception on your company.

Rental workwear service is a sustainable choice for your company. Compared to buying workwear yourself and washing them at home, our workwear service is a much more ecological choice. Test our sustainability calculator and see how much resources you could be saving right now with our service!

Every item of workwear we provide is carefully maintained to extend its life cycle and repaired according to your company standards to avoid textile waste. When our chef whites and restaurant uniforms are retired from their original purpose, we give them a new life as new products or dispose of them responsibly.