The importance of safety and personal hygiene is paramount during these challenging times, and in response to this, Lindstrom is launching a new reusable face mask service. Aiming to support businesses with increased safety measures, the new facility provides reusable face masks to help stop people from touching their faces and to protect each other.

Sustainable support in the fight of virus outbreaks

The importance of hygiene is gaining much more attention due to the current global situation. The coronavirus pandemic is making everyone focus on personal health and infection prevention. No longer just a concern of healthcare facilities, infection control measures is a priority for all businesses and individuals.

With no current cure for the coronavirus, protecting people from picking up the virus is a vital step in slowing down the infection rates. Providing support to people and encouraging proper personal hygiene practices is part of these initial steps. Adequate hand washing and helping people be more considerate around each other will help.

The new Reusable Face Mask Service from Lindstrom aims to help people protect themselves and each other. Wearing the fabric mask allows people to stop touching their face, a significant source of infection from the coronavirus. The mask will act as a barrier for droplets when someone coughs or sneezes.

The coronavirus presents challenges to many parts of our daily lives, and businesses are facing some particularly difficult situations. Maintaining business operations while providing employees with proper protection is paramount during this pandemic. Lindstrom understands this, and the new reusable face mask aims to tackle this problem.

“With the service, we want to support our customers in keeping their business running as normal as possible despite the current global situation, by offering additional solutions which support in protecting their people and processes. With the introduction of the Reusable Face Mask Service, our customers don’t need to worry about the availability of the masks for all people, nor do they need to worry about the handling of used masks in a hygienic way – we will take care of that.” Marita Vuohensalo, Vice President, Lindstrom Workwear Services.

The focus of the new service has two main points, sustainability, and hygiene. Fabric masks are reusable, so it is a more sustainable solution than disposable face masks. All masks are processed using the highest safety and hygiene standards. Used masks are collected and hygienically cleaned at Lindstrom certified laundries. Clean and hygienic masks are delivered ready for employees to use.

With the Lindstrom Reusable Face Mask Service you can:

  • Prevent direct skin contact
  • Reduce cross-contamination risks
  • Protect the continuity of your business
  • Support employee hygiene

Reusable face mask service

Launching this service, Lindstrom aims at providing face masks to employees across various industries. The service will provide fabric face masks in quantities that ensure your whole workforce has what they need. The mask is not a medical device or considered PPE as it has no proven protective features. The face mask aims to support your staff to carry out their work during the outbreak.

The reusable face mask service is aimed at people working in:

  • Pharma industries
  • Food processing
  • Transport
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Print

The use of a face mask will help to prevent the spread of infection. Supporting employees during the coronavirus outbreak is vital, and the reusable face mask service is part of that practice. The service will give your company the face masks needed for all employees.

Hygienic face mask cleaning

Lindstrom’s service guarantees that all reusable face masks and other workwear is microbiologically clean. Our service centres follow the EN-14065 EU standard throughout the whole cleaning process. The standard covers all textiles used in medical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and healthcare industries.

Our team follows these strict standards to ensure all textiles are handled appropriately and in a safe manner. All Lindström operating centres are also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. With the new Reusable Face Masks Service, we follow a special laundry process. A process designed for laundering infected workwear, it’s a combination of specialist handling procedures and cleaning processes. Materials are collected, transported, and stored separately and cleaned in designated machines.

The cleaning process uses a mix of thermal and chemical disinfection processes to make sure the face masks are hygienically clean. The laundering process destroys microbes while maintaining the material, giving you a sustainable and hygienic face mask solution. The fresh masks are delivered at regular intervals, making them available to employees at all times.