Equal opportunities for everyone

Lindström is an international family-owned company with a forerunner circular economy approach. We offer employees the opportunity to be a part of and help us in developing a business of the future that promotes sustainable development for our planet. As a work community, we value caring for other people and respecting everyone. As an employer, we believe in offering everyone equal opportunities to develop and grow in inspiring positions, as well as with motivating and fair wages.

We operate in very different countries, and our work community —even within a single country—is truly a multi cultural one. We believe in treating all people equally and guaranteeing them safe working conditions and decent benefits for the work done. Our operating methods are largely uniform in all countries, but we also respect the requirements of different cultures. We measure job satisfaction on a regular basis through the Voice of Employee survey and Employer Net Promoter Score (eNPS). The total score in employee satifaction was 4.2/5, and eNPS was +29. The survey also measures our We Care index and Leadership index, which we both on the good level of 4.3/5.

Employee satisfaction
We care index