Keep safe with protective welder’s clothing

Our rental workwear service ensures that your employees always have enough safe, protective clothing available that protects them from occupational hazards of welding. Our workwear for welders has been specifically designed to protect users from heat radiation, high sparks, and fire as well as prevent molten metal from sticking. We will help you choose the right workwear solutions for your needs that fulfill the standards and legislative regulations set for different professions in your industry.

1 Safe protective clothing for welding always available

Always safe workwear
available for your employees

2 Cost efficient workwear solutions that always meets your industry standards

Cost-efficient solution that
meets your industry standards

3 Easy and flexible workwear management

Easy and flexible
workwear management

Benefits of our rental workwear service for welding professionals

Our workwear service ensures the safety of your employees exposed to potentially hazardous conditions in metal and mining industries. Our welder’s clothing are fitted for every employee to make sure the workwear are comfortable and the right size to avoid potential accidents caused by poorly fitted garments.

With our service you can make sure that your employees always have enough safe and well maintained workwear in use. At our laundry, we check all workwear for damages and repair and replace garments when needed. Our laundry processes ensure that protective welder’s clothing remain their protective qualities and that they are replaced when they no longer fulfill the requirements.

Our WelderPro collection is made of durable and strong garments that are flame retardant protective clothing for welding, grinding and to protect against molten iron splashes. When you trust your workwear solution to us, we ensure that your workwear always meet the current standards and legislative obligations.

End-user guidance in using the right workwear

We help your employees to get acquainted with our service and to use our welder’s workwear in the right way. To avoid occupational hazards, it is important to dress correctly in a way that protects the user.

eLindström online service helps you manage your services easily wherever and whenever you want. Make your workwear management effortless with eLindström that gives you transparency to how your workwear are maintained, how often they are changed, when they are delivered, and many more workwear related issues. Our online service is open 24/7 and helps you run your business smoothly.

Our garments are marked with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags giving you transparency to overall workwear usage and workwear laundry. eLindström allows you to monitor all workwear data in real time and help you to optimize inventory.

Regularly washed and maintained workwear will help your employees feel comfortable and start each day more easily. Our WelderPro collection meets the standards for both protecting the employee and protecting the work. Certified workwear require specific maintenance processes to ensure the garments remain their protective qualities. Proper maintenance will also considerably lengthen the workwear lifecycle. Washing workwear at home is a huge risk to your employee safety and also affects employee wellbeing with the responsibility of taking care of their own workwear.

WelderPro collection meets the requirements of:

  • EN ISO 11611:2007 Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes
  • EN ISO 11612:2008 Clothing to protect against heat and flame.Protection class 2 – protects in situations where more sparks and heat radiation are generated.
  • EN ISO 11611 class 2; EN ISO 11612 A1, B1, C1, E2, F1

Collars, cuffs and fronts protect the user and in large, portable pockets, important items are also protected from sparks.

When you choose our workwear service, we take care that your workwear always meet the highest standards and requirements of the industry. You do not have to worry about updating your garments anymore! This will give you peace of mind and save you time and money.

By switching to our worwear service, you can forget about spending your time on buying, maintaining, and storing workwear. You will get the right products in the right place at the right time. We help you assess your workwear needs and deliver the right amount of personal protective clothing straight to the workwear lockers of each employee. Our service is easily adjustable and flexible to your needs – for example new employees and seasonal workwear needs are quickly reacted to.

Our online service, eLindström, is everything you need for managing your workwear service. In our online service you can effortlessly handle additional orders, maintenance or service requests, and follow their status.

This is how our workwear service works


Our service pricing

  • Our workwear service is easy to budget – there are no hidden costs!

  • The overall cost is easier on your pocket than managing employee workwear laundry and logistics on your own.

  • Your monthly cost depends on your workwear needs; number of employees, industry you operate in, and your individual workwear needs. Get an offer today!

Lindstrom Workwear for Welding

Lindstrom Workwear for Welding

Lindstrom Workwear for Welding

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Needs assessment and procurement

We help you determine your workwear needs for different roles, fit the garments to each employee, and take care of acquiring the clothing for you. Fitting the workwear is very important for the wellbeing and safety of your employees - it ensures comfort at work and prevents accidents in the working environment, such as too long sleeves stuck in machinery for example.

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Laundry and maintenance

We wash and maintain your workwear weekly. Our laundry processes ensure that the garments stay safe and are repaired and replaced when necessary. Appropriate laundry processes are very important for certified garments so that they remain their protective qualities throughout their lifecycle.

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Our service representative will deliver your clean workwear straight to each employee's own locker or other predetermined place. When we deliver your clean workwear, at the same time we pick up used garments for laundry.

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We recycle all our textiles as much as we possibly can. When they can no longer be used for their original purpose, we turn them into new products or dispose them responsibly.

Welding overalls for various welding tasks

Our WelderPro workwear collection is a safe and professional workwear solution for welding. Welding uniforms have high legal requirements for user safety – all of which have been taken into consideration in our range of welding workwear.

Our welding workwear range includes protective overalls, jackets and trousers, all fulfilling the strict standards set for welding uniforms.We will help you find the right kind of protective clothing for different tasks in your company.

We will help you find the right kind of protective clothing for different tasks in your company. Our welding clothing range includes a variety of protective welding overalls as well as other flame retardant protective clothing.