Hygienic workwear for healthcare professionals

Our rental workwear service for healthcare professionals ensures that your employees always have enough hygienic, comfortable workwear in use that not only improves the hygiene in your facility but also makes every work day more comfortable for the user. Our cost efficient workwear service is the best solution for any healthcare professionals no matter your size – big or small we have a workwear solution for you!

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Healthcare Workwear

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Hygienic Workwear for Healthcare
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Benefits of our rental workwear service for healthcare sector

Workwear management, laundry and inventory can be a real hassle in the healthcare sector. We understand the challenges that especially large facilities have with workwear management and have developed digital solutions that help you manage your inventory, new orders and workwear usage.

Our online service, eLindström, helps you manage your service easily whenever and wherever – it’s open 24/7 and fully mobile so you can even use it on the go.  You can make additional workwear orders and service requests with just a couple of clicks and then follow your orders and inventories in real time. Your eLindström dashboard allows you to view all of your locations and services at one glance and view reports in real time which helps you with predictability. No more trouble with inventories, lost workwear, or laundry deliveries – eLindström shows exactly how many pieces of workwear you have in use and how many are in the laundry as well as your next clean workwear delivery date.

Our garments have radio frequency identification (RFID) tags giving you transparency to overall workwear usage and workwear laundry. RFID also enables our smart storage solutions that are an efficient way to manage workwear in facilities with a lot of changing staff. Smart storage allows employees to pick up their own workwear leaving records of pick up for inventory without any hassle.

Our rental workwear service is an easy and cost efficient solution for companies of all sizes. It doesn’t matter if you’re running the city hospital or a private optometrist shop – our service is flexible to all kinds of needs. Managing workwear and workwear laundry in the healthcare sector can be very costly with the high amounts of staff and restrict requirements for hygiene – healthcare staff need clean, hygienic workwear for every shift.

With our service, you always have enough workwear in use in the right place at the right time. Our service includes everything from the workwear itself to washing and maintenance, repairs and replacements, delivery and storage, workwear lockers and online service eLindström. Our rental workwear service is more advantageous than managing workwear orders and laundry on their own. Your monthly leasing is based on the amount of your employees, the industry you operate in, and your individual workwear needs and always includes our holistic service – no hidden costs that will surprise you later.

Read more about how we take care of the hygiene and safety of workwear.

With our workwear service you can easily increase employee satisfaction and well-being at work. Having clean, comfortable workwear to wear for every shift ensures that your employees have an easy time coming to work and starting their shift. Our CarePro workwear collection has been designed together with healthcare professionals that actually wear the garments to work every day. The material choices and fit of the workwear ensure moving around is easy even when lifting, pulling, squatting or in any other situations faced in patient work. We wanted to pay special attention to comfort so that the users would stay comfortable even during longer work shifts.

Clean and good looking workwear also have a positive effect on the customer experience and differentiate your brand from others. Unified workwear helps your customers recognize your staff and positively affects professional identity. Our healthcare workwear are always washed and maintained so that they meet the requirements of microbiological purity, keeping both your customers and employees safe from pathogens and contamination.

This is how our service works

Nursing tunics and shirts

Our CarePro collection includes a variety of different kind of tunics, shirts, and t-shirts for both women and male nurses and other healthcare professionals. The color options can easily be combined with our CarePro nursing pants for simple or more colorful nursing uniforms. Mix and match all colors and pieces to create the perfect scrubs for your facility. The shirts and tunics are all designed so that it is easy to move in them – even in the most challenging situations with patients.

Nursing pants

Our CarePro nursing pants are made of the same comfortable material as the tunics and shirts. They are easy to move in and designed specifically for nursing work, taking into consideration the situations doctors and nurses face daily in their jobs. Our selection includes a variety of pants options for both men and women, all designed together with healthcare professionals to ensure the right model, comfort, and functionality of the clothes.

Doctor’s coats, fleece, and vests

Our CarePro collection includes a range of doctor’s coats as well as other kinds of jackets, fleece, and vests for healthcare professionals. These pieces are easily combined with other pieces in our CarePro collection and you can create the perfect uniforms for different tasks in your facility. All styles are available for both men and women.

Our service pricing

Our workwear service is easy to budget – there are no hidden costs!

The overall cost is easier on your pocket than managing employee workwear laundry and logistics on your own.

Your monthly cost depends on your workwear needs; number of employees, industry you operate in, and your individual workwear needs. Get an offer today!

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Workwear for optometrists and private healthcare

Surgical workwear for professional healthcare

Workwear for hospitals and nursing homes

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Needs assessment and procurement

We help you determine your workwear needs and different kind of uniforms needed for different tasks. We fit the garments for each user to ensure perfect fit and take care of acquiring the workwear for you.

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Laundry and maintenance

We wash and maintain the workwear regularly. Our laundry processes ensure microbiological purity for our healthcare customers in order to meet the industry hygiene requirements.

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Delivery and storage

Our service representative will deliver the clean workwear to each employees personal locker or other predetermined place. We can also store workwear on your behalf and offer smart storage solutions that enable easy workwear pick ups for large staff.

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Recycling and disposal

When workwear can no longer be used for their original purpose, we recycle them for materials of new products or discard them in an ecological way.

Comfortable and functional workwear for healthcare sector

Our CarePro workwear collection for healthcare professionals is especially designed for the needs of different healthcare specialists. The collection includes everything from comfortable nurse tunics and pants to lab coats and surgical gowns. The versatile selection allows you to combine different pieces of clothing together for the perfect uniform for your needs.

The colorful CarePro collection comes in various different colors that fit seamlessly together. Our healthcare professionals workwear collection is suitable for all healthcare professionals from hospitals to private clinics, dentists, optometrists, beauty clinics, surgical healthcare, and nursing homes.