Durable workwear for automotive industry and engineering

We understand the various needs of our automotive and engineering customers and offer you the best workwear solution designed for your specific needs. Our workwear rental service ensures that you get the right kind of protective workwear and uniforms for all different jobs and tasks in your company. We help you pick out the right workwear for welding, bodyshops, die-maintenance & casting, stamping & paint shops, as well as for customer service.

Protective clothing for automotive industry and engineering

Protect your employees
from occupational hazards 

Cost efficient workwear service

Save resources with an
all inclusive workwear service

Safe workwear that always meet the automotive and engineering industry standards

Always have enough right workwear
available for different tasks

Benefits of our rental workwear service for automotive industry and engineering

Our workwear service is suitable for companies of all sizes and flexible to your needs. Whether you run a large OEM or a small body shop, we have a solution for you!

Our service includes everything you need and is the easiest solution for workwear management. You only pay for the garments you have in use and a small service fee for regular laundry and maintenance – no hidden costs. Our service includes the garments, washing and maintenance, delivery, locker service, and garment replacements whenever needed. Start saving your time and money today with our all inclusive service!

We understand the challenges of automotive and engineering companies having many different kind of tasks within the company that have different kind of workwear needs. With our service, you can make sure that your employees always have enough clean and safe workwear available for all tasks within your company.

Our workwear solutions covers all kind of uniforms for welding, body shops, die-maintenance, die casting, stamping and paint shops. We even have ESD workwear for sensitive electronics assembly and production. Keep your employees safe from occupational hazards and ensure safety at work with our comprehensive workwear service. Having clean and well maintained workwear always available will also increase employee satisfaction and improve your customer experience.

We make sure that your workwear are always updated according to the latest regulations and standards. In the automotive and engineering industry there are so many different kind of tasks that require protective workwear complying with certain legislative regulations and standards. With our service, you can forget about the ever changing requirements, because we have our own workwear experts that always make sure our garments apply with the latest regulations. We got you covered!

This is how our workwear service works


Our service pricing

  • Our workwear service is easy to budget – there are no hidden costs!

  • The overall cost is easier on your pocket than managing employee workwear laundry and logistics on your own.

  • Your monthly cost depends on your workwear needs; number of employees, industry you operate in, and your individual workwear needs. Get an offer today!

Overalls for engineering industry

Mechanic uniforms for automotive industry

Protective clothing for automotive industry

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Needs assessment and procurement

We help you determine appropriate work attire for different jobs and tasks in your company. We fit our workwear for each employee to ensure a perfect fit and also acquire the textiles for you.

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Laundry and maintenance

We wash and maintain your workwear weekly. Our laundry processes ensure that the garments stay safe throughout their life cycle and are repaired and replaced when necessary.

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Our service representative will deliver your clean workwear straight to each employee's own locker or other predetermined place. We deliver clean workwear weekly and pick up used garments for laundry at the same time.

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When our workwear can no longer be used for their original purpose, we recycle them as materials for other products. When garments can no longer be recycled, we discard them responsibly.

Functional and safe workwear for autoshops and engineering companies

Our WorkerPro workwear collection is a safe and professional workwear solution for all professionals in the automotive and engineering industry. This collection offers a variety of workwear options for different tasks in autoshops and engineering companies and appropriate uniforms for both light and heavy industry duties.

Our WorkerPro garments are suitable for many different tasks in body shops, die-maintenance, die casting, stamping, and paint shops. Our workwear solutions also cover other kind of heat and flame protected workwear and uniforms, for example for welding. Our ESD protected workwear are suitable for handling of sensitive electronics, electronics assembly and electronics production.

We will help you find the right kind of protective clothing for different tasks in your company. Our workwear collection for automotive and engineering industry covers a variety of options for trousers and pants, jackets, shirts, overalls, and many other garments that can be easily combined for the perfect workwear solution for your needs.