High visibility workwear for demanding working conditions

Whether you’re working in transportation, warehouse, construction or any other profession that requires high visibility – our HighVisPro protective clothing are perfect for keeping your employees safe at work. With our rental workwear service you can ensure that your employees always have enough clean, safe workwear in use that guarantees visibility in all lighting conditions, day and night.

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High visiblity protective clothing to keep your employees safe

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High visiblity workewear that always meet the standards

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Benefits of our high visibility workwear rental

Our high visibility protective clothing have been designed to keep users safe in demanding working conditions. With our workwear rental service you can ensure that your employees always have enough clean and safe workwear to wear. Our HighVisPro collection has been designed together with end users, making sure that functionality serves many different industries – for example construction, airports, warehousing, and many others.

Our workwear service guarantees that your workwear always meet the latest industry standards and regulations. Our laundry processes for industrial clothing ensure the workwear remain their protective qualities throughout their life cycle and any garments not meeting the requirements will be immediately replaced at our laundry. Keep your employees safe in our multifunctional high visibility workwear.

HighVisPro summer workwear have been certified in accordance with the standard:​ ​EN ISO 20471:2013 with high visibility class 3.

Ease your life with our rental workwear service. No more wasting countless hours on managing workwear orders, laundry and storing – our service guarantees that you always have enough workwear in the right place at the right time.

Workwear as a rental service is more advantageous than managing workwear orders and laundry on your own. Our service includes everything from the workwear itself to washing and maintenance, repairs and automatical workwear renewals, delivery, storage, locker service and eLindström online service that helps you with inventory and predictability. You only pay your monthly leasing according to the number of your employees, your industry, and your individual workwear needs if you have any.

We are a trusted and open partner for our customers and want to make workwear management easy for you. In our online service eLindström you can see exactly where your money goes and view your service reports in real time. On your eLindström dashboard, you can view all your services and locations with one glance, view your items in use and in the laundry, make new orders and view service reports that make inventory and future predictability an easy task.


Our workwear have radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on them, making workwear inventories and locating missing items easier than ever. RFID technology also enables our smart storage solutions, which make workwear management for big sites hassle free. Smart storage allows employees to pick up their own workwear, leaving a track in your inventory of the picked up items – it doesn’t get easier than that!

This is how our service works

Our service pricing

  • Our workwear service is easy to budget – there are no hidden costs!

  • The overall cost is easier on your pocket than managing employee workwear laundry and logistics on your own.

  • Your monthly cost depends on your workwear needs; number of employees, industry you operate in, and your individual workwear needs. Get an offer today!

High visiblity workwear for warehousing

High visiblity workwear for construction

High visiblity workwear for outdoor work

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Needs assesment and procurement

We help you assess your workwear needs and different workwear combinations for different tasks. We fit all garments for your employees to give them a perfect fit and then acquire the textiles for you.

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Laundry and maintenance

We wash and maintain the workwear regularly and replace them with new ones when needed. Our laundry processes ensure that your workwear remain their protective qualities and keep your employees safe at work.

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Delivery and storage

We deliver the clean workwear to each employees' personal locker or other predetermined place. We can also store workwear on your behalf.

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Recycling and disposal

We take care of textile recycling and ecological disposal of discarded workwear for you.

High visibility work jackets and trousers

Our high visibility protective clothing is the best workwear solution for any demanding working conditions to keep your employees safe. Our range of high visibility workwear are suitable for many different industries, such as construction, warehousing, and many outdoor professions.

Our HighVisPro workwear collection includes a variety of different workwear pieces in different colors so that you can find the best uniform combinations for your company. Our high visibility workwear include jackets, vests, shirts, trousers, and overalls that all fulfill the requirements for high visibility in both daylight and dark.