Our mat service is easy!


Lindstrom Mat Service Ensures Clean Mats on Your Floors

We replace used mats with clean
ones straight to your floors




Lindstrom Mat Service Is Flexible to Changes

You can make changes to your mat service
any time – it’s flexible to your needs




Lindstrom Mat Service Improves Your Customer Experience

Enjoy a care free service that improves
your customer experience




Keep your premises clean with standard mats

Our standard mats are designed to keep in dirt and moisture, binding them to the very bottom of the mat fibers. This ensures that your floors stay dry and clean even during the wet season!

With our mat service you can reduce your cleaning costs and always have clean mats on your floors. Keep your employees and customers happy by keeping your premises clean and safe with our standard mat service.


 Big or small, our mat service is suitable for companies of different sizes

Our service has no hidden costs, so it’s easy to budget and suitable for companies of all sizes. Our mat service is a good solution for your company, no matter if you have the need for 1 or 100 mats.

Our standards mats are suitable for many different purposes, from hotels and restaurants, to offices and lobbies, to retails shops, gyms, locker rooms, and any other place.



Mats for all company looks

Our standard mats come in 5 different colors, all suitable for many different purposes. The color options give you the chance to choose mats that best suit your company looks and image.

Proper placement of mats in your facilities not only keeps your floors clean and reduces the need for cleaning, but also keeps people safe by preventing slips on slippery floors.



Cost effiecient cleanliness with mats

Our mat service is a cost efficient solution for keeping your facilities clean. You only pay a small service fee based on the kind of mats you have in use, how many mats you have in use, and often your mats are changed

Our standard mats come in 4 different sizes, ensuring that you get the right kind of mat solution for entrances, hallways, and other spaces in your company.

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