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Lindstrom Mat Service Ensures Clean Mats on Your Floors

We replace used mats with clean
ones straight to your floors




Lindstrom Mat Service Is Flexible to Changes

You can make changes to your mat service
any time – it’s flexible to your needs




Lindstrom Mat Service Improves Your Customer Experience

Enjoy a care free service that improves
your customer experience



Get a perfect design mat for your needs


Lindstrom Company Design Mat

Improve customer experience with mats

Our company design mats come in many different shapes and in any pattern or color you can think of. Design mats are perfect for guiding people in your facilities or helping shoppers find their way. Improve your customer experience with design mats that are perfect for your needs!




Lindstrom Design Mat with Company Logo

Enhance your company image with a logo mat

Want a custom design with your company logo or message? Done! Our company design mats can be delivered in your brand colors and with your own logo or message – perfect way to enhance your company image in your premises and leave a memorable imprint in your visitors’ minds.




Lindstrom Design Mat with Custom Print

Get creative with custom prints for your mats

Is there anything you can’t do with our design mats? Nope. Get creative and design custom prints for your mats that suit your needs. You can get anything printed your mats from games to art and even drawings if you wish so. Custom design mats are the best option if you are looking for something truly unique.


Want to see the mats in your space before ordering?


Book a meeting with one of our mat experts and they will help you design the perfect mats for your company.

With our LiveDesign Tool, you can see how the different mat options would look like in your own space – it’s easy and inspiring!




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