FlowAbility Washroom

for a better customer experience and to help you run your business smoothly

FlowAbility Washroom – improved efficiency and better customer experience

Would you like to say goodbye to dirty washrooms, unnecessary inspection rounds, and half used utilities? With our FlowAbility Washroom solution it is possible today.

Our technology based washroom solution helps you run your business smoothly by giving you the tools and data to improve effectiveness. No more unnecessary inspection rounds and washroom utilities that have been changed half way through their use – our FlowAbility Washroom app gives you live notifications that allow you to focus on other things at hand until your washroom actually needs attention!

Improved customer experience

With our FlowAbility Washroom solution you will improve customer satisfaction by always having your washrooms clean and stocked with utilities. Clean, pleasant washroom facilities heighten the shopping experience – and lead directly to increased sales.

Based on surveys, the cleanliness of washroom spaces affect the choice of shopping venue and 66% of shoppers also recommend the mall to friends on this basis.

Satisfied customers have been proven to increase their purchase value by 33% on their next visit. Lindström FlowAbility assures your washroom facilities are always in flawless condition.


Increased efficiency by proactive service

FlowAbility automated washroom solutions do away with menial routines such as reviewing dispenser levels and other unnecessary check-ups, saving time and improving efficiency. Live notifications allow you to attend to the washrooms when it is actually needed.

A follow-up study on the benefits of the service showed a decrease of 23% in the distance walked by cleaning staff on a daily basis. This lead to a 16.5% increase in the activity spent on actual physical cleaning of facilities. You will have more time to focus on places that otherwise would be left unclean.

Simultaneously management is provided with an easy and reliable reporting system to evaluate and optimize supply inventory and workforce needs.

Easy to take in use

FlowAbility automated solution accomodates to existing dispensers and provides analytics of consumption and costs.

Bluetooth connected sensors follow and regulate materials, report on cleaning needs, anticipate fluctuations in service needs and assure the quality and comfort of the facilities.

It is easy to adopt for the workforce and it makes an immediate, noticeable difference in the ambience of your facilities.

How FlowAbility Washroom works

FlowAbility sensors

Dispensers send live notifications when they are running out

FlowAbility notifications

Cleaners can attend to the washroom when they get the notification

FlowAbility Washroom How 3

You get all the data you need to run your business smoothly