Textiles for healthcare

  • Bed linen
  • Towels and robes
  • Bed covers
  • Pillows and bedspreads
  • Patient clothing

We serve both public and private sector healthcare organizations and offer a comprehensive textile service that covers all your needs from interior design to patient clothing. Our service for healthcare sector also suits well for assisted living. In addition to  patient clothing and bathroom and bed textiles needed in healthcare, our services also include personnel workwear, hygiene products, mats, and soft furnishing for interior decoration.

We offer our healthcare textile services via our subsidiary Comforta.

Benefits of our service

By centralizing all textiles you need into a rental service, you do not need to tie capital into textile procurement and storage. Textile service will save you time and resources and let you focus on taking care of people.

We maintain all textiles according to the high hygiene standards in the healthcare industry. The right kind of textiles are an important part of nursing and we want to make sure you have the best possible equipment to do your work. Our service will make your everyday tasks easier so that you can focus on the most important thing – taking care.

Our service always includes needs assessment and design of products, textile procurement, storage, washing and maintenance, delivery, renewal, and recycling and ecological discarding of textiles. You never have to worry about the cleanliness and you will always have the right amount of textiles for your use. Our service is also flexible to seasonal changes and we can store textiles for you.

Social responsibility is an essential part of our operating philosophy. We have chosen ecologically sustainable materials and only produce the amount of textiles for your needs. We minimalize our environmental impact in our laundry processes and maintenance, and when discarding used textiles.

Healthcare textiles Hygiene

We know the demanding hygiene requirements of the healthcare industry and have designed our service to fulfill the high standards. We maintain all healthcare textiles according to the hygiene requirements.

Healthcare textiles Customer experience
Customer experience

Comfortable textiles and presentable facilities considerably improve the customer experience. We have taken comfort into account also in designing workwear for nursing.

Healthcare textiles Comprehensive service
Full service

Our comprehensive rental service covers everything from interior design to hygiene products, patient and personnel clothing as well as bed linen and covers. Read more about our services for the health care sector in here.

This is how our service works

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Planning and procurement

We start our service by making a needs assessment together with our customer. We map out the needed textiles and required supply and procure the textiles for you.

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Laundry and maintenance

We wash and maintain all the textiles for you. We take care that your healthcare textiles always fulfill the required hygiene standards and replace textiles for you when needed.

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Our service representatives will deliver you clean textiles at greed intervals and take used textiles into laundry. You will always have enough textiles for your use.

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Storage and disposal

Our services is flexible and suits different kind of seasonal needs. We can store all extra textiles on your behalf when needed. We also take care of the disposal of used textiles and make sure they are recycled sustainably.