Service is flexible at restaurant Kappeli

Restaurant Kappeli is a restaurant-café established in 1867. Kappeli is a part of S-ryhmä, a Finnish retail and service company network that has over 1 600 locations in Finland.

Kappeli has a unique atmoshphere, history and milieu – it is one of the few unique S-ryhmä restaurants. Altogether S-ryhmä has around 750 restaurants in which over seven million customers visit every month.

Kappeli’s need

Because of its unique milieu, the restaurant renews its interiors from time to time. Places with high customer flows require a lot from textiles, not only when it comes to appearance but with quality and maintenance as well.

Dining textiles are an essential part of the restaurant’s interior design. Kappeli’s remarkable architecture requires elegant and high-quality dining textiles to maintain the ambiance. In a high consumption place like Kappeli, there must always be enough table linen and napkins available.

The restaurant is located in the Esplanadi park and therefore has to protect its floors from all the sand carried from outside but also make sure customers don’t slip on slippery floors near the exits and service counters.

Kappeli is open every day of the year, also during holidays. Therefore, textile delivery and flexibility of the service are very important factors in choosing a partner.


We deliver and maintain Kappeli’s mats, dining and kitchen textiles and also the kitchen staff workwear. Cooperation has been ongoing for decades. ”We are proud to be able to serve Kappeli which is an important element in our cityscape and also has a unique history”, says key account manager from Lindström, Petri Väänänen.

Kappeli has in use our Lindström design mats at the entrance which bring more color to the space and keep the busy entrance clean. Indoors and by the side entrances, the restaurant has in use plain standard mats that match the color theme in the restaurant.

Kappeli’s interiors are divided into the dining hall, an ambiant café and Kappeli bar located right next to the main entrance. The sun deck outside is usually completely full and there is also a nice banquet hall in the restaurant’s cellar that is used for mainly private events. The restaurant uses our design table linen and stylish simple white napkins. Our textured OptimaPro® table cloths are stain-resistant so they are a good option for a busy restaurant as they stay clean for a long time.

There must always be enough dining textiles available. ”Table cloths and napkins have a very high consumption and they must always be available. With Lindström, there has never been a proble with supply or quality, the service runs smoothly”, thanks Kappeli’s shift manager Marja Halmetoja.

We deliver clean and pick up used textiles several times a week. There’s an inventory a few times a year when all the table linen in use are reconciled. ”Cooperation with Kappeli is very smooth, the employees know our service and actively report to us any changes. In the restaurant business there migh occur some changes even daily so the cooperation has to be flexible in order to work” says Väänänen.r