A unique look differentiates Verso from mainstream hotels – comfortable premises get a lot of praises

Hotel Verso was opened in Jyväskylä, Finland in June 2016. The hotel has 128 rooms of which 46 are superior level double rooms. Hotel Verso offers a memorable hotel accommodation in magnificent facilities and a versatile selection of services.

Hotel Verso’s need

When planning the new hotel, it was really important to invest in a personal, unqiue appearance that would differentiate the hotel from others. Guest satisfaction and comfortability are very important. In addition to creating an interesting look for the hotel, it also had to be taken into consideration that all interior elements would be practical in the hotel’s everyday life and most importantly, serve its most important corner stone, cleanliness. The unified look of the interior design was desired to continue all the way to employees’ workwear. Of course, workwear at hotels has to also be very practical because of versatile tasks, so funcionality was also an important criteria.

The hotel management wanted the overall solutions help the daily work at the hotel, ease the maintenance of the facilities and improve hygiene. The entrepreneur of Hotel Verso, Ari Pärnänen says that they wanted to find a partner that could credibly fullfill the hotel’s needs and desires. Maintenance and logistics must work immaculately because the staff always has to have clean uniforms and there has to be soap in the bathrooms and towels for guests. There cannot be days when something runs out or there are dirty mats on the floors – small things make a big difference in guest comfortability.


The services were designed on the hotel’s conditions from the beginning to find solutions that would really work in everyday life. Mat service delivers mats for all common areas, toilets, restaurants and even hotel rooms. Also linen and bathroom textiles are delivered for the hotel rooms. In addition, the same hygiene products are used in the hotel rooms as in the common areas and sanitary facilities. Paper, soap and hand towel dispenser were painted to match Verso’s look and now they are a part of the whole interior design. A stylish yet practical workwear collection was designed for the staff and the colors of the uniforms also continue the same color theme that unifies the hotel.

Customer-specifically designed services are now an essential part of Verso’s maintenance and hygiene – the services ease daily work at the hotel and significantly improve guests comfortability and customer experience. Verso is getting great reviews and the entrepreneur himself believes that the reson for that is the overall experience where everything runs smoothly. At least one thing is for certain; ”We will always have it clean here”, Pärnänen promises.

Verso’s staff has also been very satisfied with how the services have been working. Hotel manager Elina Maukonen says that hotel staff doesn’t have to worry about the premises because everything is taken care of as if by itself; clean mats are changed directly to their original places, there are always enough supplies for the hotel rooms, there is always paper, soap and hand towels in the bathrooms, and of course the staff always have some clean workwear.

”The services are tailored to serve our needs perfectly, all we have to take care of is the bill,” entrepreneur Ari Pärnänen confirms.