Lindström Group and Nordic ID join forces to develop new, innovative UHF RFID solutions

Lindström Group and Nordic ID have signed a partnership and joint action agreement to bring the benefits of UHF RFID* to customers in the textile service industry. The companies will collaborate on a RFID research and development program by combining Nordic ID’s readers and RFID solutions to Lindström’s operational processes and services.

Testing together with customers

The key objective is to develop and test smart and innovative UHF RFID based products and solutions through versatile pilot projects together with customers for future implementations.

“For many of our customers transparency of workwear lifecycle is coming increasingly important – meaning how often workwear have been used, maintained and where it is located. The smart technology enables tracking and tracing of workwear for customers in a totally new way,” says Senior Business Development Manager Marjut Kotonen from Lindström and continues:

“We’re very excited about the cooperation with Nordic ID; it will enable us to provide our customers with even more innovative, individual, flexible and agile services – based on our customers’ needs and requirements globally.”

“We are delighted about this great opportunity to work with Lindström. The usage of RFID in textile service industry is growing and it is important for us to understand our customers’ businesses to be able to serve them better.  The workshops with Lindström have given us excellent insight to textile rental service business. Together we are able to develop innovative solutions that offer benefits to Lindström and its customers globally,” says Executive Sales Director Jukka Hieta from Nordic ID.

This agreement is a part of Lindström’s strategic decision to take a step from LF RFID towards UHF RFID based solutions to achieve even more excellent customer experiences.

*UHF (Ultra High Frequency), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

More information:

Marjut Kotonen, Lindström Group,

Jukka Hieta, Nordic ID,