Comfortable patient clothing as a rental service

Patient clothing as a rental textile service ensures that you always have the right amounts of comfortable patient clothing available. The EN 14065 standard is followed throughout the patient clothing service cycle, and the textile rental service follows the highest hygiene regulations. Rental textile service saves you resources when you do not need to spend time for sourcing, buying, washing, or maintaining, nor taking care of deliveries or ecological disposal. It is also a cost-efficient solution.

Leave everything related to hospital clothing in the hands of textile professionals – it is easy and hassle-free.  The starting point for the rental textile service for patient clothing is to contribute to the comfort of your customers and to improve the customer experience with high-quality clothing to support the recovery.

Guaranteed patient and personnel safety


Consistent quality to strengthen brand image

Transparency with digitally supported services

Benefits of our rental patient clothing service for healthcare industry

Lindström service is based on standardized microbiological purity management. As our customer, you can be confident that all our textiles will be washed according to the highest hygiene standards. Our service centers comply with the standard EN 14065, which guarantees the desired level of hygiene for the entire service process, from production to transport and distribution. All our business units are also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

When maintaining the patient’s clothing, we use thermal or chemical disinfection that destroys microbes to ensure hygienic and sustainable products for the users. Microbes include bacteria, viruses as well as yeast, and mold fungi. The chemical disinfection procedures help us to ensure safety both for the user, and the user’s surroundings.

When treating infected laundry, we follow the so-called closed laundry cycle process. In such a process, there is no contact with the infected textile before it is washed. Read more of our laundry process here.

Our main goal is to provide worry-free, need-based, and transparent service for our customers. By choosing a digitalized rental textile service, you ensure you have clean clothes for your patients with the right sizes available 24/7. When the process is automated, your work becomes more efficient.

eLindström helps you to be aware of the situation at all times, and base your orders on your actual need. This online service helps you manage your patient clothing service easily whenever and wherever – it’s open 24/7 and fully mobile so you can even use it on the go.  You can make additional orders and service requests with just a couple of clicks, and then follow your orders and inventories in real-time. Your eLindström dashboard allows you to view all your locations and services at one glance, and view reports in real-time which helps you with predictability. No more trouble with inventories lost workwear, or laundry deliveries – eLindström shows exactly how many pieces of clothes you have in use, and how many are in the laundry as well as your next clean patient clothing delivery date. The whole service cycle is covered for you! Read more about eLindström here.

We want to help our customers become more sustainable and meet their own sustainability targets. All our textiles are designed to be durable and repairable, in order for them to last longer in use.

When the clothes can no longer be used for its original purpose, we recycle them into new products or discard them in a sustainable way.

Read more about our work leading the global environmental change in the textile industry here.

You can try our sustainability calculator and see for yourself how big of an impact you could make by switching to our patient clothing service!

Want to hear more about our patient uniform service?

We will be happy to introduce patient clothing service and products to your company! Leave your contact information by completing the form and we will help you to find the best possible solution. Our experts will be in touch with you within one working day!

Lindström Group patient clothing as a rental service for Healthcare industry

Patient clothing for Healthcare industry

Patient clothing for elderly homes as a rental service

This is how our service works

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Needs assesment and procurement

We help you determine the different patient clothing needs in your company to make sure all your patients get appropriate clothing for various needs. We take care of the procurement and start your weekly service with the first patient clothing delivery.

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Laundry and maintenance

We wash and maintain your patient's clothing weekly. At our laundry, we check all the clothes and repair them, if necessary, according to your company standards. Any damaged clothing we replace with new garments on the next delivery.

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Delivery and storage

We deliver clean patient clothing every week and at the same time, take used garments to our laundry. Patient clothing will be delivered directly to the predetermined place. If you have a lot of seasonal changes in your patient clothing needs, we can also store workwear on your behalf.

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We recycle most patient clothing that can no longer be used for its original purpose. We give used textiles a new life as other products or discard them responsibly.