Comfortable and durable patient clothing as a rental service

Our hospital gowns are designed for comfort, colorfastness, and long-lasting durability. Featuring high-quality construction and offered in various fabric weights and sizes, the patient garments are ideal for ensuring the comfort of your patients. Available in a variety of traditional and modern colors and patterns.

Our easy and hygienic patient clothing as a textile service ensures that you always have the right amounts of comfortable garments available. Our aim is to ensure the comfort of your customers and to improve their customer experience as well as to help them get better with high-quality clothing supporting the recovery journey.

Benefits of rental textile services for Healthcare:

for your personnel and patients:
Protect your patients and medical staff from contamination. We monitor and ensure highest hygiene compliances throughout the service process

through the availability of quality textiles:
Always available hygienically clean textiles, tailored to your need. Top quality products designed to improve patient experience and enhance caregiver comfort

with reliable service:
Cost-efficient, transparent solution with no hidden costs. Digitally supported textiles enables real-time monitoring of product life-cycle

This is how our service works

Measure icon

Needs assesment and procurement

We help you determine the different patient clothing needs in your company to make sure all your patients get appropriate clothing for various needs. We take care of the procurement and start your weekly service with the first patient clothing delivery.

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Laundry and maintenance

We wash and maintain your patient's clothing weekly. At our laundry, we check all the clothes and repair them, if necessary, according to your company standards. Any damaged clothing we replace with new garments on the next delivery.

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Delivery and storage

We deliver clean patient clothing every week and at the same time, take used garments to our laundry. Patient clothing will be delivered directly to the predetermined place. If you have a lot of seasonal changes in your patient clothing needs, we can also store workwear on your behalf.

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We recycle most patient clothing that can no longer be used for its original purpose. We give used textiles a new life as other products or discard them responsibly.