Hygienic food workwear is essential in food production

Our rental workwear service ensures that your employees always have hygienic workwear that protects not only your employees but also your products and working environment from contamination. We will help you choose the right workwear solution for your needs that fulfills the standards and legislative regulations set for food production.

Benefits of our food workwear rental service

1 Clean and hygienic workwear for food industry

Ensure the hygiene of
workwear and production

Our garments meet the highest hygiene standards set for food processing. Our workwear complies HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and we follow the EU standard EN-14065 to ensure the required hygiene level throughout the service process.

2 Save resources

Save resources with a wholesome
service that has no hidden costs

Make your workwear management easier with our service that includes everything from the garment itself to washing, maintenance, repairs, replacements, delivery and storage, and garment lockers. You can focus on your core business.

3 Clean workwear always available

Easy and transparent service guarantees happy employees
Your employees have always clean and well-maintained workwear available. Our digitally supported solutions give you transparency to overall garment usage and help to optimize workwear inventory. eLindström online service helps to manage your workwear effortlessly.

This is how our workwear service works


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Our FoodIn Pro workwear collection is especially designed for the food industry. For the needs of food production, we offer several types of different production protective clothing, such as coats, jackets, overalls and trousers, as well as hats and other food hygiene protective clothing. Our food industry workwear has been designed keeping in mind the very high hygiene requirements set for food processing, as well as the comfort and safety of employees.

With our rental workwear service, you can ensure the quality of your food production. Our service guarantees that your employees will always have hygienic workwear available that is suitable for different tasks in the food production line. Protect your employees and protect your production from contaminations with our comprehensive workwear service that is all you need for workwear management.