Supporting less well-off children in India with co-operation with UNICEF

Year 2017 has been full of challenging projects and success stories, and I wholeheartedly would like to thank you for being part of it. We are getting towards our goal to be the best service company in 2020, and thanks to you, we´ve taken huge steps towards our goal.

The year is getting to the end and this gives me a unique opportunity to tell you of our co-operation with UNICEF and project called WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) which takes part in India. We have been one of the main supporters now over ten years. WASH projects aim to improve the water, sanitation and hygiene conditions in the poorest areas of India especially among children. The project focuses to tribes living in primitive conditions in rural areas in Indian most populous areas in Rajasthan. Clean drinking water, proper sanitation and hygiene facilities is every child’s right.

WASH-project has already reached to a total of 94,000 children in 750 schools. In these schools, project disseminates information about hygiene, provide instruction on building and maintaining hand-washing stations, toilets and distribution points for drinking water. Project has also offered to share expertise with village communities. With children’s support the project has passed on information about hygiene for 30,000 households. With local and national support on the areas of Udaipur and Dungarpur has been build 32,000 toilets.

Read more stories of children, schools and communities from Rajasthan As a family company, we represent long-term development from generation to the next. If you share our interest, contact your local UNICEF at

Thank you for co-operation in 2017 and wish you prosperous year 2018!

Juha Laurio, President & CEO

Lindstrom Group