Our services for retail sector

In commerce, clean workwear supporting the corporate image and the cleanliness of the facilities have a fundamental impact on the customer experience and quality image. With the help of our extensive overall service, you will improve your business operations, take care of safety at work and ensure your products are not contaminated due to unhygienic uniforms.

Employees do not need to spend any time on textile maintenance or acquisition uniforms. Workwear are delivered directly to lockers to ensure the smooth progression of work.

The employer does not need to tie up capital in storage or resource personnel for the acquisition or management of textiles and personal protective equipment. In addition, the work of supervisors becomes easier when there are clear rules in place.

Workwear is an important factor in occupational safety. Workwear not only protect your employees but also protect your processess and end products. Appropriate workwear and personal hygiene reduce the spread of infections and contamination of products.

Our workwear service is easily adjustable to seasonal changes and different kind of needs – all workwear are designed and delivered according to your needs.