At Lindstrom, our culture comes first. We Lindstromers are driven by our passion at work and perform to the fullest of our potential and skill. We collectively strive to make Lindstrom a wonderful place to work.

It is a place where everyone contributes towards defining the vision of the company. Here ability to learn, grow and develop-truly makes you feel a sense of ownership in the business and you are able to contribute to the success of the company.

We look forward for candidates who posses certain qualities that makes him or her a true Lindstromer.


  • Self-starter and go getter
  • Beaming with confidence
  • Highly motivated and has a positive attitude
  • Can commit for a long-term employment
  • Loves to take upon new challenges
  • Excellent communicator
  • Professional and well-groomed
  • Passionate about his or her work
  • Performer and career oriented
  • Wants to build a dream and not just a career with us
  • Can align with company vision and goals
  • Enthusiastic to learn
  • Enjoys working in a team
  • Has potential to be an aspiring leader
  • Can run the extra mile with a smile