Challenges and opportunities drive electronics manufacturers to look for new kind of strategic partnerships

Electronics manufacturing has been facing both challenges and opportunities in the past couple of years and the trend continues in 2019. The need to control costs continues to be a priority for manufacturers, while demand for new products in robotics and AI bring opportunities of new revenue streams.

The whole industry is undergoing a change where more and more electronics manufacturers are outsourcing many technologies from outside their primary areas of expertise while finding ways to capitalize current trends and respond to customer demands such as more efficient and eco-friendly manufacturing processes and electronics. Strategic partnerships have become extremely important for the success of many electronics manufacturers.

But how did workwear become a strategic partnership for many manufacturers?

When you think of workwear, it’s hard to see where it fits in as a strategical partner in manufacturing electronics. But when you think of the bigger picture, it’s easy to understand because we’ve all been there – when one morning you’re going to work and run in late looking for a clean uniform. Or you go to work and can’t find a clean uniform because everyone else already took them.

Here’s what one of India’s largest OEM’s experienced when they switched their regular workwear management to an all inclusive rental workwear service. In only three (3) weeks time, the company noticed an immense improvement in productivity and employee satisfaction. Employees no longer spent time looking for clean or missing uniforms and instead spent that time working – for some that could mean even 10-15 minutes more working time per day and when you multiple that with tens or even hundreds, you notice that you are gaining hours of more work time per week.

Not only were the production employees more happy and productive, but production managers now had a lot more time for actual production matters instead of constant new workwear orders and helping employees find their missing uniforms. Production started running smoothly and problems were attend to before they even became real problems. All in all, the company experienced eminent improvement in productivity and the overall working atmosphere.

Strategic partnerships come in many forms

What we can learn from this case, is that strategic partnerships come in many forms. The original purpose of the case company was to cut down workwear costs with the help of an easy workwear service but instead they gained a partner that helps them run their operations smoothly and focus on their core business. With the challenges that the electronics industry is facing today, every partnership helping your company do better is an important one.

Always clean workwear available

  • Employees spent less time looking for clean or missing workwear every day

  • Employees don’t have to worry about having clean workwear

  • Production managers don’t have to worry about workwear management


Effect on production and operations

  • Employees have more productive work time every day

  • Employee satisfaction and general working atmosphere improves

  • Production managers can focus on running smooth operations



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