The employees of your business are your most crucial and valuable asset, and we are here to help you keep them safe and operating at peak performance. In the fight against the coronavirus, and armed with our reusable face mask service, you can easily ensure your workers always have face masks to protect and those around them.

Our high-quality face masks are safe to use time and again and can be used in any industry. When you choose our reusable mask service, you will promote a positive image of your company and demonstrate to your workforce that you care about their health, well-being, and comfort.

You do not need to make a substantial investment in procuring face masks, you simply pay a monthly leasing fee, and we do the rest. The time savings can be significant, saving time spent on maintenance, cleaning, and the procurement of new masks.

Never run out of enough masks with our service that:

1. Is cost-efficient
2. Saves time
3. Contributes towards employee safety
4. Is bespoke and flexible to your needs

How our reusable masks are slowing down the spread of the coronavirus

A face mask is essential for anyone who works in close contact with co-workers or your clients. The reusable masks are used in industry sectors where cross-contamination is a risk, such as food processing, retail, pharmaceuticals, and many more.

Workers can use face masks in conjunction with other PPE to help protect against the coronavirus or other hazards in the workplace. The face mask prevents the worker from touching their face. This is vital because when someone does not follow hand hygiene best practices, the result can be bacteria or virus-contaminated surfaces.

It’s a two-way roadblock that stops the virus from getting in and prevents it from getting out.

A face mask also creates a barrier that stops droplets of saliva or discharge that are emitted from the nose or mouth when someone sneezes or coughs.

How often your workers should change their face mask

The frequency of mask changes depends on the working environment and industry. You should recommend changes in line with your internal risk analysis results and follow your health and safety officer’s advice.

From a hygiene standpoint, a change should be made whenever the mask becomes moist. If the elastic breaks, becomes loose or detached from the mask, or if the mask is dropped onto the floor, then a change should be made.

You can align mask swaps with coffee and dinner breaks to minimise the impact on production. It would also be helpful to ensure supervisors are aware of your company’s mask changing schedule, so they can provide a useful reminder to staff as they get used to the new process.

Our face mask cleaning process and standards

We ensure every mask meets the required hygiene standards, and we guarantee clean microbiological textiles. We adhere to EU standard EN-14065, which provides hygienic standards throughout the whole service process. The EN-14065 standard covers textiles used in medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries and health care.

Some people may be scared about wearing masks, or whether they remain safe after use. Our laundry processes ensure that your face masks always meet the required hygiene qualities.

All of our operating units are ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified. We follow special laundry processes that combine special handling procedures with chemical disinfectants and thermal processes that destroy microbes.

If you require a sustainable face mask solution that will stop or slow down the virus’s transmission rate, Lindstrom offers the best solution. We take care of checks, maintenance, and disposal when required. We make hygienic deliveries to your workplace on a regular delivery and collection schedule.

Get in touch with Lindstrom today for your cost-effective and environmentally friendly reusable face mask rentals.

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