Standing in 2020, plastic is a nasty word – one of the largest contributors to pollution worldwide. Despite strict government regulations regarding plastic ban and continuing protests of environmentalists, over 300+ million tons of plastic are produced each year. Another staggering fact is more than 500 billion single-use plastic bags are used every year, whereas over 1 million plastic bags end up in the trash every minute.

Plastic is non-recyclable which means it continues to deplete the earth for a millennium. Taking into consideration the colossal impact that plastic pollution has on the environment and its sustainability, environmentalists and the government are stressing more on using reusable shopping bags. These are usually made from jute, woven synthetic fibres, canvas or hard plastic, making the bags more durable, reusable and environment-friendly.

Discussed here are 5 reasons why you should consider switching from plastics to returnable / reusable shopping bags:

1. Contribute towards environmental protection and sustainability

One of the biggest reasons why you should use reusable bags is these are “biodegradable”. The bags are not made of single-use plastic or paper but with nature-made materials that are reusable and recyclable. As a result, these are eco-friendly and helps promote sustainability. Most importantly, use of reusable shopping bags would mean lesser plastics in landfills and oceans. This will help prevent plastic pollution, thus, protecting the environment in the long run.

2. Save cost

Swapping plastic bags or disposables with reusable bags will help you save more money. To restrict plastic usage, many stores now charge extra money for plastic bags. So if you bring reusable bag to shopping, it can help you save more every time.

Many stores have also introduced the concept of “returnable shopping bags.” Every time a customer returns the shopping bag to the retail store, they get a complete refund of the deposit amount they paid for it initially. For businesses, this is a great strategy to bring back their customers as well as minimise plastic waste.

3. Longer life cycle

Reusable shopping bags are typically made of high-quality textiles that are durable and resilient in nature. These are washable, i.e. you can reuse them through its entire lifecycle. The best quality reusable shopping bags can last for up to 4 years and have the ability to replace more than 400 plastic bags, suggests a study. Stores that offer returnable shopping bags will clean & disinfect them through effective laundry process, ensuring these can be used again and again.

Made from biodegradable materials like corn, jute or synthetic fibre, these bags are sturdier than plastic and can easily carry more weight on your shopping trip.

4. Shopping incentives:

Many retail stores also provide attractive discounts or reward points when you shop with environment-friendly reusable bags. These can add up to a lot of savings on every purchase.

5. Promote your brand:

As reusable bags are emerging as “new normal” in the retail space, businesses can leverage this as a lucrative marketing opportunity. Using these eco-friendly bags for shopping in your store not only reduces your carbon footprint on the earth but also helps build a strong market reputation. Additionally, these can be customised with your brand name or logo, spreading the word. These bags for years and will help imprint your brand in the minds of your consumers.

Why Businesses Should Consider Switching to Reusable Bags from Plastic?

There are several advantages of using eco-friendly, reusable materials than plastic shopping bags in your store.

• Increase customer loyalty:

As a business, your approach to going “green” can help you earn customer loyalty. This emphasises your corporate social responsibility which can go a long way in spreading awareness for plastic ban and building strong brand credibility. Additionally, it is a powerful step towards reducing your carbon footprint and promoting sustainability.

• Bring back your customers:

The concept of returnable shopping bags will inspire your customers to come back every time, return the bags, and get clean shopping bags or a refund of their deposit amount. This also helps instil a sense of conscious shopping.

• Promote your brand:

By introducing reusable shopping bags, you can bring forward the innovative and “responsible” aspect of your company. This will give your brand a competitive advantage.

• Save cost:

Using returnable bags in your retail store can help you save more money than using plastic bags. These can be used over and over again for several years, thus, reducing your costs to buy single-use, disposable plastic bags.


To promote environmental protection and sustainability, Lindstrom manufacturers high quality, resilient and returnable shopping bags that are biodegradable and eco-friendly. These shopping bags are available at retail stores in exchange of a deposit amount. The returned shopping bags are processed through our state-of-the-art laundry system, made ready for next use. We also specialise in workwear rental services, providing clean and safe workwear for most industries.