Lindström promotes European Health and Safety at work week

Lindström supports The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work in its work to make Europe a safer, healthier and more productive place to work. Lindström has 3000 employees in over 80 sites in Europe and Asia and it serves business customers with textile service like workwear and mat services.

With over one million people using Lindström workwear daily, Lindström has a clear view of a company’s’ “needs and demands” in protecting their personnel. Since high competition for longevity with employees is intensifying, companies are paying special attention to job satisfaction and Health and Safety issues.

In EU countries employers are obliged to offer necessary protective garments and equipment for its personnel, if there are risks involved within the work. Regulations and standards control these materials and components people should have in their clothing for example; working in cold and dark conditions. Since people use workwear for most of their working shifts it is not at all irrelevant to what the outfit should look and feel like. The fit and comfort of a work outfit is an important factor in job satisfaction. Good-looking and fitting workwear makes one feel more confident. Workwear can also visualize a company brand and thus create a sense of “togetherness”.  Employees are also easier to recognize, creating a safer environment.

Clothing also creates professional identity for example; nurses can be distinguished from doctors by the outfit, guard and police are easy to identify and just their mere presence can calm a situation or bring a feeling of safety.

Lindström is one of the leading rental workwear service providers in designing, producing and maintaining workwear for hundreds of thousands of customers all over Europe and Asia.

Lindström Group

Textile service company Lindström strengthens the company image of its customers. Our service makes our customer’s everyday life easier and provides the best value on the market. We are a responsible corporate citizen and a respected employer. Lindström is the employer of 3 000 people in Europe and in Asia. The group turnover in 2014 was 301 million euros.