Inspection Rounds

Inspection rounds in washrooms

decreased by 40%*






Drying with cotton or paper towel

removes 99.9 % of the bacteria

on your hands ***





Time for cleaning increased

Time for cleaning increased over 15%

and concentrated on areas that were not cleaned before due to lack of time*






Customer satisfaction remained

the same even though inspection rounds decreased significantly*





Recommending shopping venue

66% of customer would recommend

a shopping venue based on the cleanliness of toilet facilities**






 Cotton towel rolls

produce up to 95 % less waste

than paper towel****


Cleanliness of toilet facilities


30% of customers feel that cleanliness

of toilet facilities influence their choice of shopping venue**



More spending

Sales grow by 1,3%

when a customer spends a while longer at the shopping centre**



Cotton towel has

29 % lower global warming potential

than virgin paper ****

Benefits in a nutshell


Save time


Save steps


Save money





Increased efficiency


More comfort


More shopping




More customer comfort


 Lower global warming


Less waste

*Smart washroom experiment in Jumbo shopping center

**Based on a research done by Ediste Oy, 2015, and a study by Burke Institute, 2004, Linking measures of customer satisfaction, value, and loyalty to financial performance

*** The Comparative study of four drying methods: cotton towels, paper towels, jet air dryer and warm air dryer – A research report of the Hjelt Institute of Hygiene and Microbiology of the University of Helsinki. Kirsi Laitinen, PhD.

**** The environmentally friendly approach to hand drying. Sustainability study into cotton towels and paper. Wirtex.