Lindström: Holding World Leadership

Complex and labor-intensive production

Ivan Kulev, control station operator, works for the Vyksa Steel Works in Nizhny Novgorod Region. Together with his colleagues, he is involved in the manufacture of rolled products used for making large-diameter pipes for trunk oil and gas pipelines. In Ivan’s work, it is important that his working clothes are both comfortable and safe.

Ivan Kulev’s colleague Yekaterina Sychyova, a forewoman in charge of moving raw materials and semi-finished products, is responsible for receiving steel blanks to the warehouse. Using special equipment, she scans steel plates, after which they are automatically entered into the enterprise system. As for a woman, it is very important for her that working clothes both meet all the occupational safety requirements and are nice and functional.

Always clean and well-maintained Workwear

Ivan Kulev has been wearing Lindström work clothes for more than 4 years, and during this time he has not had any complaints – the company provides all services from sewing, washing, and repairs to storing the working clothes in a timely manner and with high quality. So there is no need to wash or repair workwear at home anymore. “I hand over the dirty outfit once a week and get a clean one – it’s as simple as that,” Ivan says.

It is important for Yekaterina Sycheva that the Lindström work clothing is also comfortable to use: “In the work clothes what we used to wear before we sometimes felt hot and uncomfortable. Now the clothes are lighter, and, besides, they have a beautiful design.”

Lindström provides functional, neat and high-quality workwear for more than 5,500 employees of the Vyksa Steel Works.

Lindström has established itself as a reliable and professional supplier who helps companies find effective solutions. “It is very difficult to become a leader. Lindström has been a leader for many years. Everyone decides on a particular contractor, but the leader is the leader!”, notes Alexander Pivikov, Head of the Occupational and Environmental Safety Department at the Vyksa Steel Works.


To help you to choose the right workwear

With the help of this mini-guide, you will get it right when it comes to workwear:

  • Buy or rent workwear?
  • How to be sure that you have workwear that complies with legislation?
  • Meeting your industry’s challenges. Every industry requires different functionalities from their workwear.
  • What are the biggest differences between buying or renting?