The Academic Bookstore has been cooperating with Lindström since 2017. The staff uses Lindström’s workwear and returnable shopping bags, which were introduced last year to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Academic Bookstore.

Uniform workwear was obtained for the employees of the Academic Bookstore in order to improve their sense of solidarity. The staff were closely involved in the workwear meetings and had the chance to fit the workwear already at their design stage.

” We have been satisfied with the workwear service and cooperation with Lindström: they have reacted to our service requests quickly and within the promised timeframe, ” explains Pirjo Jerkku, Sales Region Officer of Academic Bookstore.

The employees immediately became enthusiastic about the workwear of the new CasualPro collection and had the pleasure of being involved in choosing the workwear.

” The most important features with the workwear is that they fit different body shapes and are flexible and easy to wear. They must also have enough pockets,” says Jerkku.

The employees’ workwear includes an apron and a T-shirt or tunic. They can choose the lower part according to their own preferences.

The idea of introducing circulating returnable shopping bags was introduced in connection with the workwear negotiations. As a result, the Academic Bookstore became the first company in Finland to take the bags into use through Lindström.

Jerkku says that customers have warmly welcomed returnable shopping bags:” The customers have only had positive comments to say about returnable shopping bags, appreciating the possibility to exchange a broken/dirty bag for a new bag or refund in the store. Many of them have appraised the idea.”

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