“Nothing beats the great feeling of putting on fresh clothes when you start work”

Ivailo Gekov, Production Manager, Tangra-AV OOD

Tangra-AV OOD is a Bulgarian company which has been operating for almost 30 years, with over 150 employees and offices in three of Bulgaria’s largest cities. It is also present in more than 15 European markets and is about to become established in Asia with its first office in Dubai, the capital of the UAE. In a nutshell, Tangra-AV OOD has the following business profile: a private company specialising in air-conditioning, ventilation and heating equipment. Aside from its offices and commercial sites, the company has a design consultancy office and two production plants with a total extended area of 8,000 sq. m. It has separate units for installing, servicing and providing support for ventilation and heating systems.

It is no coincidence that the company has been named after the supreme god of the Bulgars, Tengri, the power which supported the heavens and the heat- and light-giving upper section of the tree of the world. All of the company’s 150 “superheroes”, who uphold its reputation every day, know that they must work as if divinely inspired. To succeed in this, they need work gear that they can rely on 100%.

 Strong team spirit built by overalls from Lindström

Although 150 is a fairly large number of people, there is a sense of solidarity among the company’s superheroes. They often get together after work, go fishing, enjoy barbecues, exchange advice on their children and grandchildren and put together their already large families. But new developments are now brewing. Their next plan is to visit the pub once a month wearing their superhero, workday uniforms in order to reinforce their team spirit.

They know from personal experience that their Lindström workwear can withstand many challenges. If damaged, the clothing is carefully washed, mended or replaced, and a new outfit awaits in their locker on the next day.

At least six pockets are needed for installation work; durability and ease of movement are required during metalwork

Tangra Customer Reference
The specific nature of the employees’ work requires hard-wearing but soft clothing which does not obstruct the numerous movements involved when handling materials.

Comfortable, hard-wearing workwear from Lindström does more than just increase the efficiency of our workers. Colleagues have begun to feel an affinity with our company’s brand. Nowadays, when new workers start, they mention how handy it is to have fresh, comfortable work clothing, unlike the situation with their previous employers.

On the one hand, metalwork often damages workwear. Devices and liquids are used which can cause serious damage to clothing when a worker is handling metal materials. At the same time, an installation team working with ready-made ventilation and heating systems needs clothing which provides enough pockets for a superhero’s tools in external, potentially hostile environments. Otherwise, each tool has to be picked separately off the ground.

For five years, Lindström has been successfully meeting the firm’s expectations in terms of occupational safety, and has been responding to needs that arise during work, based on day-to-day information on operational processes, with the aim of improving its services.

We have a partner we can always rely on

We have a partner we can always rely on, which responds quickly and provides its services at a reasonable price. This means that our workers are always happy with their fresh, comfortable workwear.

Ivailo Gekov points out that one of the key advantages of using Lindström is the fact that Tangra no longer has to worry about providing and maintaining new workwear.

Tangra is looking forward to Lindström providing an even wider assortment of workwear designs for ordinary heroes in their daily environments.