From plastic bottles to napkins!

Sustainable choices are becoming more and more important for consumers as well as companies.

The owners of Restaurant Nolla, Luka Balac, Albert Franch Sunyer and Carlos Henriques, have worked hard to build an ecologically sustainable restaurant business. In Finland’s first zero-waste restaurant, the food is organic, bio-waste is composted, and napkins are made of plastic bottles!

“Napkins made of plastic are a great example of waste reuse”

Restaurant owners Albert Franch Sunyer (left) and Luka Balac.  For more information:

In Restaurant Nolla, even the smallest details are designed to fit the zero-waste concept, and the restaurant only cooperates with responsible suppliers. ”Lindström seemed like a natural choice to be our service provider because we knew that they pay a lot of attention to ecological sustainability in their operations,” Balac says. Lindström supplies the restaurant with napkins that are made with fibres from used plastic bottles.  It takes one plastic bottle to manufacture one napkin. “Napkins made of plastic are a great example of waste reuse and saving energy,” Balac says.  The aim is to prolong the lifespan of napkins as much as possible through appropriate maintenance, and to continuously find new uses for napkins that have reached the end of their life. “Our objective is to find a new life somewhere to everything that leaves our restaurant,” Balac adds.

“Sustainability should be a natural part of running a restaurant”

Nolla’s owners want to engage other restaurants as well, in order to decrease and, eventually, eliminate waste. “We hope that sustainability becomes more than just a marketing trick. Sustainability should be a natural part of running a restaurant. If we don’t do something to save the environment now, we will have nothing to leave for future generations,” says Sunyer.


100,000,000 used plastic bottles were given a new life as napkins.