Bulevardi hotel offers Lappish mysticism and experiences – every detail of the interior tells a northern story

This more than 50-year-old family-run hotel chain began its story in Lapland. The concept was adapted to city hotels and imported to Oulu, Tampere and Helsinki. Opening at the beginning of 2019, Lapland Hotels Bulevardi aims to be the number one hotel in Helsinki, which is also reflected in what its rooms have to offer. The hotel has 182 rooms, more than half of which are Deluxe or Suite quality and more than 100 are equipped with a sauna.

The décor combines quality with modern Lappish design 

At Lapland Hotels Bulevardi, every last detail reflects the Lapland theme beautifully. It is important for the hotel to have partners who are able to provide services and products that convey the hotel’s theme of modernity, pristine nature and northern exoticism. Comforta suppliers and maintains the bedlinen and towels for Lapland Hotels Bulevardi, and Lindström’s individualised design carpets continue the story of Lapland throughout the hotel. “It’s important for the hotel’s image that these products impart not just our Lapland theme to our customers but also a luxurious feel and quality,” says Area General Manager Leena Turunen from Lapland Hotels.

Providing customers with real honest-to-goodness sleep

One of the hotel’s goals is to offer its customers “real honest-to-goodness sleep”, and for this purpose every single tiny detail in the hotel’s beds has been carefully considered. “Comforta’s products get as close to a person’s skin as any product can and that is why they have to be high in quality and feel sumptuous. The sheets cannot be itchy or feel like plastic or give off static electricity,” says Turunen. There are no bed spreads on the hotel beds, which is why the beds must look beautiful, fresh and inviting as they are.

As well as sheets, Turunen also emphasizes the importance of high-quality towels as part of the luxurious experience: “Our towels must be made out of excellent quality materials. We want every customer to love how soft and lavish our towels feel.”

“As something that our customers see, use and feel, Comforta’s products and their quality is particularly important,” Leena Turunen says.




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