High-quality standards all over the world

Danone Group is a leader in dairy production in Russia. Danone develops four business lines and offers products under such brands as Activia, Actimel, Danissimo, Danone, Biobalans, Aktual, etc.

Cooperation between Lindström and Danone Russia began in 2013. Today, Lindström is taking care of the company employees’ appearance in St. Petersburg and Vladimir in Russia.

Comfortable and safe clothes at work

About 600 Danone employees in Russia wear Lindström’s clothes. They spend most of their time wearing them, and that is why it is very important for the company management that people feel comfortable and safe at work.

Ilya Sharifov, the operator of the food production line, has been working for Petmol plant in St. Petersburg for more than 10 years. Together with his colleagues, he deals with dairy production and monitors product quality.

Ilya says that he used to wear other working clothing before Lindström, and its quality differed significantly: “When Lindström appeared, I noticed the difference at once. Our working clothes became nicer and denser to the touch. Though we have them washed every week, they neither shrink nor change their protective properties.”

Svetlana Dunayeva, the operator of the baby food section at Petmol, is in charge of the fermented dairy food production and manages the production process. As a person who has been working at the plant for more than 14 years, she notes the advantages of Lindström’s service: “When I come to my workplace, I always find clean clothes there. I do not even think about washing them at home: I just open my locker, put on my individual clothing set, and I am happy to start my work.”

Lindström makes life easier for customers

Lindström’s workwear service minimizes Danone’s operating costs. According to Lyudmila Kolosova, an employee of Danone administrative department in St. Petersburg, with Lindström’s services, the position of a laundrywoman became no more needed. Every week, a driver from Lindström arrives to the factory, brings clean clothes and puts them into the lockers.

“As an administrator, I really like that with Lindström I do not have to check the quality of the services all the time. The company is an expert in the workwear industry, and we gladly recommend Lindström to other players of the market,” Lyudmila concludes.

To help you to choose the right workwear

With the help of this mini-guide, you will get it right when it comes to workwear:

  • Buy or rent workwear?
  • How to be sure that you have workwear that complies with legislation?
  • Meeting your industry’s challenges. Every industry requires different functionalities from their workwear.
  • What are the biggest differences between buying or renting?

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