British American Tobacco – 20 years of successful partnership with Lindström

British American Tobacco Russia employees some 3,000 specialists who, on average, spend 1,976 hours in Lindström workwear each year.

Each day, plant workers are involved in labor intensive, challenging and hi-tech production processes. Workwear needs to meet all industrial safety requirements and be as breathable, light and convenient to wear as possible.

Yury Apanasenko, a class 4 tobacco sorter operator, says that the special Lindström overalls protect against possible risks at the tobacco production facility and help achieve good results as there are no distractions from core tasks.

“I am very pleased that BAT Russia partners with such a professional supplier. I like that clothing is always clean and does not smell of washing powder. I no longer wash my clothes at home because I fully trust Lindström,” Yuri comments.

Vladimir Maximov, an equipment servicing operator, has been wearing Lindström workwear for 18 years. Most of all he likes the polo shirts that Lindström made specially for BAT Russia employees. “I am completely satisfied with Lindström’s workwear and have no complaints. The workwear looks like everyday clothes, it’s nice to look at,” Vladimir adds.

An individual and flexible approach

In 2014, Lindström offered BAT Russia a customized collection that was specially developed for the company given different types of production processes. Produced in corporate colors, the workwear was lighter and more comfortable thanks to thinner material.

As a result, staff obtained comfortable and reliable work clothes that meet their demands and wishes. This increased staff engagement and loyalty – employees felt that the management cares about ensuring comfortable working conditions.

Lindström produced labelled towels specially for BAT Russia. Staff can be sure that only they use these towels. The towels are stored together with work clothes in individual lockers, access to which is also personalized.

“The Lindström service is more than just about laundry – it’s a whole set of services that allow to ensure that it’s convenient and comfortable for our specialists and that their work is safe,” comments Yuliya Zychenkova, Administrative Affairs Coordinator at BAT Russia.

“BAT Russia strives to achieve zero industrial accidents. One way of doing so is using Lindström’s proper workwear. It complies with all safety regulations and reliably protects staff from potential risks,” adds Valery Kalmykov, Building and Facility Service Manager at BAT Russia.

A Russian business built on international standards

British American Tobacco Russia (BAT Russia) is one of the Russian tobacco industry leaders. Its portfolio includes well-known international and Russian brands such as Dunhill, Kent, Vogue, Pall Mall, Lucky Strike, Java Zolotaya and Java.

Lindström is a reliable and long-standing partner of BAT Russia. Cooperation between the two companies began in 1997 with carpet rental services. In 2001, Lindström and BAT Russia signed a workwear servicing agreement. Twenty years on, Lindström provides a whole set of workwear, carpet and towel rental services for two of the company’s plants – in St Petersburg and Saratov – and takes care of the appearance and comfort of BAT Russia staff.

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