Lindström helps us to concentrate fully on our work

For our staff, it is important to be able to fully commit themselves to their work without being worried about the small details and thus provide our customers with excellent customer experience.

That’s why Lindström’s services and products play a vital role in our business. They help us focus every day on our work and feel more comfortable. Uniform and functional workwear, on the one hand, take into account the nature of our work but also contributes to the better appearance of the employee, which will certainly not be missed by customers. Industrial wipers allow efficient wiping of oil and dirt and we know that we do not have to worry about cleaning them properly while Lindström does it for us.

Cooperation with Lindström Estonia started many years ago, and we have remained loyal to the convenience and high quality of our service. In addition, the main benefit has been the improvement of employee welfare and their positive feedback. Employees have a clean pair of work clothes available and their size is always right.

Lasse Randma

Amserv Paide

Amserv Auto AS

To help you to choose the right workwear

With the help of this mini-guide, you will get it right when it comes to workwear:

  • Buy or rent workwear?
  • How to be sure that you have workwear that complies with legislation?
  • Meeting your industry’s challenges. Every industry requires different functionalities from their workwear.
  • What are the biggest differences between buying or renting?