Profitable and sustainable growth

Our goal is to grow both organically and through acquisitions and achieve a turnover of EUR 500 million by 2020. We are constantly looking for new growth opportunities and our biggest expectations are currently on Russia and Asia. We want to continue to be a solid company and provide economic prosperity for society.

‘Our long-term operation cannot be based on anything else but responsible operation. The company has always been renewing to meet the needs of the changing times as the need for change is steadily increasing. We will continue to be a pioneer in meeting our changing customer needs and creating better customer experiences,‘ says our President & CEO Juha Laurio.

You can read more about our financial results by downloading the Sustainability Report 2017.

All teams discussed the importance of our values

Lindström’s values are the foundation of our operations and we want them to be genuinely visible in our day-to-day operations.

Although our values have remained the same, we discuss from time to time their content and meaning to keep them understandable and alive in everyday life.

In 2017, we carried out value discussions by teams – we discussed the values in the Board, the management team and in most of our teams. Discussions were held in 80 teams and will continue this year. Teams think about their own commitment to values and how the commitment is reflected in practical actions and behaviour.


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