We are part of our customers’ everyday lives

For our customers, we want to be a reliable partner that supports their business, understands their unique needs – and, above all, always gives them added value.

For us, it is important to understand the everyday life of our customers, for example the working day of our workwear users. We want to understand if it is easy and uncomplicated for the customer to use our services, for example, do they always find a garment in the right size or is it easy to notify us of any new needs.

Customers expect, alongside smooth services, also responsibility and transparency from us. We operate in Europe and Asia, and purchase products from African countries, so there can be considerable differences in the general conditions in the countries in which we operate. Nevertheless, we always work responsibly in all our areas of operation.

Expectation of responsibility applies not only to the supply chain but also to our own daily operations, such as agreed workwear delivery and transparent billing. We put long-term efforts into ensuring that our customers can rely on us every day, in all our countries of operation.

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