Our services for property maintenance professionals

For property maintenance companies, work quality, effortlessness and speed are the guarantee of efficiency. Workwear designed for professionals in the field observes practicality, protection and durability in the varying work of property management. Lindström offers an extensive selection of workwear and personal protective equipment designed for maintenance professionals that meets the occupational safety requirements, as well as providing tools for industrial wiping and absorption. With the help of our mat and hygiene services, you ensure the cleanliness and comfort of the working environment as well as promoting occupational well-being. Our service helps maintenance personnel carry out property management, cleanliness and courtyard care with high-quality and safety.

We offer an effortless and affordable rental service package that makes the everyday life of your employees easier so that they can focus on the most important – doing their work!


We have invested in the practicality and fit of our workwear. Our workwear designed for demanding professional use meets the toughest requirements of employees in terms of both functionality and looks. Our protective clothing and personal protective equipment are certified products that meet all the authority and safety requirements.



Lindström maintains, repairs and replaces the textiles when necessary. You can be sure that the properties of our products remain at the agreed level even in demanding use. With the help of our service, you can make sure that your employees always have the necessary personal protective equipment and workwear. Our mat services take care of regular changing, laundry and maintenance of the mats.


We make sure on your behalf that your company’s workwear and personal protective equipment selections are at the appropriate level and that the products readily available. Our service centres have been granted the ISO 14001 environmental certificate.

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Our services for property maintenance