Our services for engineering and assembly industry

Lindström’s Workwear Services help you clothe and protect your employees according to occupational safety requirements. You will receive all workwear and personal protective equipment you need directly at your place of work. We offer an extensive selection of corporate and protective clothing, shop towels and absorption mats as well as personal protective equipment designed for industrial use. With the help of our mat and hygiene services, you ensure the cleanliness and comfort of the working environment as well as promoting occupational well-being. With the help of our services you save both time and effort in a cost-efficient manner and need not tie up any capital in the acquisition, storage and cleaning of the products. We process responsibly any dirt and hazardous waste coming from the textiles.


We have paid particular attention to the practicality and fit of our workwear. Our workwear designed for demanding professional use meets the toughest requirements of employees in terms of both functionality and looks. Our protective clothing and personal protective equipment are certified products that meet authority and safety requirements.



Lindström takes care of clothing maintenance, repair and replacement. You can be sure that the properties of our products remain at the agreed level even in demanding use. With the help of our services, you make sure that your employees always have clean shop towels, personal protective equipment and workwear available.


We make sure on your behalf that your company’s workwear and personal protective equipment selections are at the appropriate level and that the products readily available. With the help of our Shop Towel Services you prevent hazardous waste from contaminating nature, since all waste is collected in our laundry and disposed of appropriately. Our service centres have been granted the ISO 14001 environmental certificate.