Fashionable workwears – uncompromising hygiene and functionality

“Hygiene is the top priority”
Ulla Raunama,
Operational Development Manager

Diacor is a Finnish-owned company operating in the Helsinki metropolitan region and producing health care and nursing services. Diacor has 13 medical centres, a hospital and a separate physiotherapy unit, and is a workplace for approximately 660 health service professionals, more than 600 physicians and other health care specialists.

Diacor’s need

The workwear for Diacor’s health care staff must be hygienic and suitable for moving work. The workwear is also an important identifier and creator of a professional identity – when wearing the work outfit, the person is identified as a Diacor employee and a member of his or her profession. In health care work, the wearability of the clothes is crucial. ‘The outfit must be comfortable to wear, even during procedures. It must not be too hot nor too cold. You must be able to move freely,’ says the operational development manager, Ulla Raunama from Diacor Occupational Health.

Raunama adds that a trendy look and energetic appearance are also important points for the wearers. ‘Our work consists of customer service, so we must look tidy. And it is much nicer to work in nice-looking workwear The nurses no longer want to dress in loose-fitting nursing gowns.’

Lindstrom DiacorSolution

“Hygiene is the top priority,” Raunama says without hesitation when asked what is important in health care workwear. “It is followed by comfort, flexibility, breathability and protection during medical procedures. Quite a few requirements,” she concludes. When selecting the material for Diacor workwear, the everyday life of nursing staff with its needs and challenges has been taken into consideration.

Diacor’s workwear collection has been selected in accordance with the needs of the workers. The workwear should suit men and women alike, so the collection consists of a red and white trouser outfit, with either a jacket or V-necked tunic as the top part. The top part can be selected based on work tasks and personal preferences. “I do believe that wearing clothes with brand colours both give a uniform image of us to others and create team spirit among workers,” says Raunama.

Everything is possible during the procedures, so it must be possible to change work clothes. ‘The health care staff has spare clothes in the locker. This requires efficient clothes logistics’, says Raunama. Lindström’s overall service includes delivering sufficient replacement clothing supply to the locker while part of the workwear is going through the laundry cycle. This helps ensure that there are always sufficient clean clothes for the wearers, even if the work outfit has to be changed daily.

“I do believe that wearing clothes with brand colours both give a uniform image of us to others and create team spirit among workers.”

Ulla Raunama,
Operational Development Manager
Diacor Occupational Health