Digitalizing services with FlowAbility

Digitalization, a word which is on everyone’s lips nowadays. And why wouldn’t it be, because if believing in public debate, there is no company that wouldn’t be affected by it. Digitalization enables new better ways to develop products and services, enhance sales and serve customers. In a nutshell, it means building competitiveness with help of digital technology. 

Digitalization is not company’s own decision only. Customers, competitors and partners usually decide on behalf of the company. This same thing happened with us. Our traditional solutions were no longer competitive. Many companies see the importance of digitalization. But at the same time, they are lacking courage to take first steps towards it. Luckily, we don’t suffer from the lack of courage.

We have already taken the first Digi steps to fulfil customer needs which require utilization of digital technology. For us journey towards better customer experience with digitalization is FlowAbility; better textile flow, guaranteed textile availability and flexibility to workwear users. Our first FlowAbility concepts are Storage Solution and Washroom Solution. And we are proud that these service concepts are developed together with our customers. FlowAbility is our way to increase competitiveness by utilizing trusted and easy-to-use RFID and sensor technology in our services.

FlowAbility concepts, Storage Solution and Washroom Solution, are enhancing our current service by tackling traditional challenges we’ve had there. I believe, that FlowAbility will create new type of added value for our customers, enable new opportunities to grow. But what else than cost optimization and increased efficiency it can be? I would love to hear your dreams of how FlowAbility could change our workwear services? Or how do you see it will affect our Washroom service?

Lindstrom FlowAbility – The future of running your business smoothly

Taru Jokinen, Director Service Management |

Our team develops Lindström services and products based on customers’ changing needs. Significant changes are happening in our customers’ business environment. I’m interested in finding ways to recognize how these changes transform customers’ expectations for our services. I’m convinced, that new digital technologies open doors to new disruptive business opportunities. But at the same time, I believe, that the best customer experience is reached with services where digital RFID and sensor technology is combined with human genuine “We Care” attitude.

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