Textiles are one of the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide, and it is estimated that in ten years’ time, their share of CO2 emissions will rise beyond those from transport. People can stop flying, but without textiles, we can’t get along. It is therefore very important that the textile sector develops its activities and, at the same time, that both consumers and society as a whole to do their utmost to minimize the environmental impact of textiles.

The keys to change are in our own hands. No one makes this change alone but change always starts with the individual. This is also the case at Lindström.

Our entire business model is based on circular economy. We want textiles to circulate in use for as long as possible. That is why we invest in quality in textiles and textile services. We also have the opportunity to optimize our own processes so that the effects on textiles’ life cycles are minimized.

However, the best innovations to reduce the environmental impact of textiles do not come about alone; instead, they are made together. That’s why we build partnerships to help our customers grow responsibly.

We celebrate our partners and customers, and the cooperation we have with them, yearly with the CX (Customer Experience) Week. This year, I participated in the CX Week webinar on sustainability and circular economy organized by Lindström Finland. All the webinar’s speeches highlighted the importance of cooperation and partnerships in eco-actions. For example, Nina Elomaa, Sustainability Director at S-Group, said that they carry out development work both within the Group, across company boundaries, and together with partners, and they also listen very carefully to their customers.

Saving the environment is both big projects and small actions, which together make a big impact. For example, the evening sales at grocery stores have reduced food waste, and making juice bottles pledged has reduced 30,000 kilos of plastic waste each year.

In the same way, we at Lindström want to do both big and small things – and do them specifically together with our customers. We invite you to join us in developing eco-actions!

Harri Puputti, Vice President, Quality Lindström Group  |

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