We care for our customers because together we can shine even brighter

Customer centricity is a theme that has been brought up time and time again from one company to another. Amongst all the buzz, rising as a company where the customer and their experience truly matters can be difficult. For us here at Lindström, this is easy; everything we do, we do for the good of our customers. This is why during CX Week we want to celebrate these meaningful relationships and give thanks to our customers for inspiring and motivating us. 

Here at Lindström, the first week of October, for four years in a row, has been dedicated to celebrating our customers. During Customer Experience (or CX for short) Week, we host events offline and online, and do other little but meaningful things to celebrate and thank our customers. What makes it so uniquely Lindström is that all our employees are keen to take part in the week with little things, from customer appreciation posts in LinkedIn to placing treats with notes for the end-users to find in their jacket pockets. Showing appreciation really matters to Lindströmers!   

This year we celebrate CX Week from 4–8 October, and the focus of the week is on sustainability and working together in the post-covid world. These topics have been brought up repeatedly in our discussions with our customers, and of course these are also something that we too are facing currently. Both topics are the kind that require cooperation and collaboration in order for them to be realised, so therefore these are the perfect topics for CX Week!  

Sustainability is of course an important theme for all companies. For us it has been guiding our actions for many decades and we have been working hard to find ways to care for the planet in whatever we do, so that we can help our customers do the same. Our ambition for this took a major step forward earlier this autumn when we joined the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and announced our goal of trying to reach carbon neutrality by 2035. The work that we put here will be something that our customers can then benefit from in their own pursuit of becoming more sustainable. However, our aspiration to support our customers in this further does not stop here: at the Lindström Lounge events, we concentrate on supporting our customers in the development of topics related to their professional environment.   

The business environment has been largely affected by the global pandemic during the last two years or so. Now that the situation is gradually improving, the chief concern has become how to navigate in this post-covid world and ensure a safe place for work for all employees and customers. I don’t think anyone has straight answers to address these priorities, but together we can try to figure out the best ways to proceed. We want to support our customers in figuring out the best approaches for them – and determine how we can play a role in this.  

We want to be there for our customers, to help each of them shine in their own field. This is why I want to thank all our customers – as well as our employees – for making this a meaningful relationship for us.

Juha Laurio, CEO, Lindström Group |

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