Lindström picks up speed: five corporate acquisitions in two months

The international textile service group Lindström is consolidating its position in the European market. In November and December, the company acquired the mat business of five companies. There are now over one million square meters of Lindström mats on the premises of customers in 16 European countries.

Lindström acquired the mat business of Schnipper in Turkey, Herc Mat in Croatia, Profi Cleaning Management in Serbia, Lorika in the Czech Republic and Talp-Alj in Hungary. With the company acquisitions, Lindström strengthens its position in Eastern and Central Europe and is now providing mat services in a total of 16 European countries.

Mat services expanding to South Eastern Europe

“South Eastern Europe is a very important market for us, and we are boldly seeking growth there. Turkey, Croatia and Serbia are in an extremely interesting stage for our growth, and we want to leverage the growth potential that the markets offer,” says Lindström Group President & CEO Juha Laurio.

Lindström has already been offering workwear services in Croatia since 2011 and in Turkey since 2007. Now, the range of services in these countries is expanding to mats. In Serbia, Lindström started with workwear services in 2014 and expanded to mat services later that year.

“This was already our second corporate acquisition in Serbia within a year. We are currently serving over 800 customers in this market, including our workwear customers. It is great that the acquisitions enable us to offer a wider range of services to our customers.”

Further boosts to growth in the Czech Republic and Hungary

“Our operations in the Czech Republic and Hungary are currently growing well. We expect these company acquisitions to further accelerate our growth in these regions,” says Laurio.

Lindström has been operating in Hungary since 1994, and this year marks 20 years since the company started operations in the Czech Republic.

The company provides clothes for over one million people daily worldwide, and there are over one million square meters of Lindström mats on the premises of customers in 16 European countries. An increasing amount of the company’s turnover comes from its international operations.


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